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Misuse of Dharma in Politics

Updated: March 16, 2019 12:31 pm

“Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”-  Mahatma Gandhi

The election process for the Lok Sabha elections is in full swing and political parties are gaining ground by spreading their tentacles in the lines of caste, creed and religion across the country. Both the national and the regional parties are on a blame game, castigating each other on  news channels debates.  Dirty linen is being washed under public glare,  skeletons are being dug out of cupboards. Without mentioning   the name of caste or religion, political parties are distributing tickets under the excuse of winability. Regional parties like the Biju Janata Dal and the Trinamul Congress are  playing the gender card by allocating more seats to women candidates for attracting women votes.

Vote bank politics is the hallmark and benchmark of most of the decisions. Every party is fielding candidates with criminal records. This, in spite of the Election Commission rider, that the criminal background of such candidates shall have to be advertised in the vernacular and English press, along with a caveat emptor on the respective party’s website. These criminal politicians jump the bandwagon from one party to the other, cherry picking opportunities that suits them. A distinct and separate ideology, which define its character and identity and is the hallmark of any party, takes the backseat.

Open critics who lambasted the opposition parties till yesterday, join the same party without any shamefacedness about the sudden u-turns. For these opportunist lot,  just being in the business of being elected is what matters.

The common electorate of the nation lends their tacit support by not protesting. With such political dramas being  unwinding on a never before scale, the voters too have developed immunity and   a tolerant attitude.

We all know that real issues that haunts the public are never discussed in media, instead the media highlights the interest and agenda of the political parties during elections, we call it as ‘’paid news’’. Negative news is getting more prominence in media, positive news has very little space today. It has become very unhealthy practice for our democracy that all the business houses and the regional parties have opened media houses to gain space in politics through back door. Politics is no more intended at serving the society adhering to any conviction. Political leaders are no more following Raj Dharma, instead they are destroying the basic principles of democracy.

In the name of secularism, political leaders are dividing the society for vote banks. No political party has done any welfare of any caste or religion. Providing reservation to any caste or religion has never solved any problem. If providing reservation could have enhanced the quality of life  of the downtrodden and backward classes, then why reservation not given in the lines of economic status? In India we believe in the welfare of all and appeasement of none. The Dharma of all the leaders who head the State is to follow welfare of all who resides  within the  nation’s boundaries.

It is a norm for all political parties to extol clean politics and honest representatives. Today, capable persons, who wish to work for the society, cannot get an opportunity in mainstream politics unless and until they have  god fathers.  The easier  option is to choose the root of any religion for political propaganda of self or the party or exploit any emotive issue to get prominence in media and politics.

Today, when communication has become fast with the advent of digital and social media, why  does the common man still fail  to push the right button. The option of NOTA too is now available. We, the people of India, follow  the principle of Sanatan Dharma that adheres to safety, security and prosperity of all ( irrespective to caste, creed and religion), never believes in the divisive agenda of any political party. Those who are involved in dividing the nation in the name of secularism, must understand that we know very well the difference between religion and Dharma. In the name of religion many political touts and  spiritual leaders are running their political shops. The tumultuous situation of Kashmir is created by fringe elements in the name of religion. The global terrorists are  deeply involved in the massacre of common men, still get support just because  they propagates against India. And who are the supporters of Massod Azhar ? We know  them all. Now it is high time the citizens of India must adhere to the right path to choose right persons  from right  parties for a better nation. Let’s not allow anyone to involve caste, creed or religion in politics. Dharma is not religion but Dharma denotes welfare of all.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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