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2019: An year of agony and ecstasy

By Prof. NK Singh
Updated: January 8, 2020 1:55 pm

Another year under the stewar ship of Modi  is fading out with a great hope that 2020 will absorb the bitte ness and anguish of those who suffered the fire of uncertainty and total falsehood. As we see the sun slipping down the icy mountain of Himachal, where I live and shiver in the unprecedented cold this year. Sun will shine tomorrow hopefully and this bitter cold will dissolve in the warmth of changing economy at present in gloom.

No doubt there was much to celebrate this year with Ram Mandir leading the procession. Mandir was waiting for a nod of the highest authority for last seventy years of hypocrisy and vacillation, leading to country wide shame and stress. We got a clear and clean affirmation of the Supreme court to build the temple. Before I join the readers for great achievement let me clear the futile agony that entailed passing of the citizenship law.

When this write up comes to your hands we will have clear picture of the citizenship law and its consequences. Strange as the world is this very law was purported in the regime of Congress but it has caused major distress in the recent past. Entire country was agitating in turmoil out of its misunderstanding and troubles. What was under fire? To many it was not clear and to many it was deliberate conspiracy of right or left for their own purpose of creating destabilization in the country. We hear ‘it will deprive Muslims of citizenship.’-‘’it will make India Hindu Rashtra’—It is discriminatory and greatest danger to Muslims’.’The law is nothing of the sort as claimed in rumors that destabilized the social amity of the country. The greatest tragedy is that all this is wrong and false. Such narrative was systematically built by left and Congress for their own party selfish gains. Left thought it would hit its leftist thinkers or non religious pro Muslim party members. Congress had no wrong understanding but a definite motive to build this as a movement to demolish Modi. Modi was painted as anti Muslim even after Godhra riots and it hung like albatross round his neck diminishing his vote bank. Now Modi cleverly had covered the ground by taking number of welfare measures especially for this community in education and training as well as in divorce system (TrippleTalaq) that was torture to women. He was making Muslims part of main stream with Iqbal’s idea of Hindustan hamara or Bharat Mata. Consequently he won UP hands down while it was a difficult state. Congress had to tackle his vote catching in minorties and this law was a matter of do or die.Common man would not understand why Mislims were not granted citizenship while other were granted. At the tie of partition a definite understranding was given to the Nehru ji that minorities would be protected by Pakistan. But what happened was contrary to understanding. In 1947 non Muslims were 23% and due to continuous torture now they are reduced to 3% only. 60 millions are not accounted for . They needed citizenship as Hindus had nowhere to go . Still it was possible to sit and dialogue but riots started with a plan to create a mutiny against a law that was passed by both houses of the Parliament.

On the other hand there was much to celebrate in 2019. No one has noticed that the grievance of opposition about EVM is totally dead. As BJP lost in recent elections constant agitation / protest against has completely disappeared. It is not barred to agitate or protest and the opposition has a right to to dpo that but creating agitation or stalling the work of the Parliament is not constitutional. Even inmatters of Strategic strike and Army actions the country should stand united. We should commend our Security as not only the terror has come down but our defence has acquid great stgrength by new and sophisiticated aircraft naval and surface equipment. Credit goesto Home Minister  for smooth management of crucial changes in constitution and as he puts it ‘’not even one bullet was fired in implementation of article 370 changes.

Despite Economic slowdown and dwindling GDP the share market went crazy. This is sure sign or revival of the economy whatever the prophets of doom might say. Business knows that 2020 will bring new adaptations and opportunities to gain its speed of development. The sunsex flies up and up. We hope this will become the sign of ecstasy in the coming years. Reforms in industry and tax changes will spell vigour in economy. Only one misses Arun Jaitley but we have bright stalwarts in business and industry who will carry on the task and embellish path of development of India.

By Prof. NK Singh

(The writer is International Management Adviser.)

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