Bhutan to hold 3rd general elections on Oct 18

Bhutan to hold 3rd general elections on Oct 18

The Election Commission of Bhutan has announced October 18 as the date for the country’s third general elections.

The election date was announced by chief election commissioner Chogyal Dago Rigdzin, after the approval by the King of Bhutan, through a televised programme on Bhutan Broadcasting Services (BBS).

The primary round of the election will be held on September 15, which coincides with Thimphu Drubchoe.

According to Bhutan’s Election Act, elections to the National Assembly are to be held in two rounds: primary and general.

In the primary round, all registered political parties will participate and contest. The two parties with the highest number of votes from the primary round will be eligible to contest the National Assembly seats at the general election held on Oct 18.

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