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Credibility, Cadre and the Common Man

Updated: December 28, 2017 1:11 pm

Finally the Modi haters’ and the  secular drum beaters are cheerful to enjoy the Christmass celebration and new year with a credibility tag on their cap, as they been successful to some extent in dividing the state of Gujarat on the basis of caste, creed, religion and community. Of course Narendra Modi and Amit Shah company have received a jolt as they failed to achieve the number of seats they expected in Gujarat. But no one is willing to listen that the percentage of votes increased to nearly 7 per cent, and except in Saurashtra, the BJP received good number of seats in the south, central and north Gujarat. A debate has been started by the political analysts that although the BJP performed well in the urban belts but in rural constituencies, it suffered to get the support of the farmers, as the state government failed to provide MSP for the agri products and for not creating a cordial atmospheres for the farmers and the agro industries. Well, the reason for loosing ground in rural belts is a matter of concern for the BJP and the senior party strategists would certainly look into it  in coming Budget, as forthcoming assembly the elections are lined up in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattishgarh. The Hardik patel and company who were on the roads to garner the Patidar community badly failed to achieve their goals, except in Saurashtra. Because in Surat the BJP only lost one seat to Congress, despite all demonstrations by the business community, and now it is proved that all these demonstrations were well organised and sponsored by Hardik company by spending huge funds to misguide the unruly youths.  Before the elections held in the state I had spoken to many senior bureaucrats in the state regarding the impact of the GST and demonetisation in the assembly elections, they had all fear a deep cut of votes among the business community, but it was proved wrong even in Surat. In fact the BJP could snatch many  stronghold Congress seats and lost it is stronghold seats in Saurashtra. The BJP also lost the confidence of tribal people in the border areas of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and the Congress could achieve a major chunk of it. The BJP also failed to regain the faith of the traditional voters in the home towns of the Keshubhai Patel, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. Both the BJP and and the Congress again avoided this time to bring back the old party cadres and leaders into active mode. Most of the leaders who changed their party in both the BJP and and the Congress also lost the elections. In brief, one can describe the results of the Gujarat elections that the voters are all well educated about the political situations, governance and the behaviour of the leaders of the respective parties during the elections. The political stunts during the elections used by our leaders is really unexpected, apologetic and not good for a healthy democracy. The dynasty scion Rahul Gandhi failed to learn lessons from repeated failures in consecutive elections that instead of strengthening its organisational structure at the booth level always depending on a third party, like taking the help of Hardik company in gujarat elections. Most of the senior leaders in the Gujarat lost this time as they had no role to play in assembly elections and local issues. The Congress election strategy was totally hacked by the Hardik company and Rahul Gandhi was only a part of it, to showcase symbolic issues and adhering to the soft Hindutva agenda. The Congress has to understand that this country will never accept the pseudo agendas to attract the minorities, dalits and divisive forces. Rahul Gandhi being a young leader failed to be a vote catcher and the old guards in the party not in his side to support him as he is still immature to handle the parliament and other serious issues of the party that is grappling with.

The BJP under the Amit Shah has been proved to be a master strategist and able to won 12 elections out of 17 after 2014. He travelled length and breadth of the country and is successful in strengthening the organisational structure minutely even at the booth level. Amit shah’s non stop move in taking the party ahead with his mentor Narendra Modi is bringing smiles to the party cadres and the Sangha. In politics nothing succeeds like success and the same is followed by Amit Shah without a road block and zero bottle necks on his way in taking the party into a different track by winning highest number of MLAs and MPs in a very short span of time. In Gujarat the BJP could over come the anti incumbent factor and won sixth time and will be a record for the party to rule a state for 27 years. In Himachal Pradesh the party won with two third majority with an agenda of good governance. The Himalayan task before Narendra Modi is now to bring a double digit growth in economy, providing jobs to the youth and at the same time taking care of the farming, agro and industrial sector that are there in the manifesto of the party in 2014.

By Deepak Kumar Rath



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