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Defining the challenges

Updated: June 17, 2016 11:31 am

Suddenly the book market is flooded with books on Narendra Modi, who till the other day was media’s whipping boy. The spectacular mandate has overnight transformed the new prime minister of India into media’s poster boy. Unconfirmed figures suggest there were more than 105 books on Modi– written by various authors in varying styles — that hit the stalls in last two years.  Taking India by storm, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been one of the most talked about personalities all around the globe. His enigmatic persona and his forceful leadership have created a polarised world where some idolise him, while others questions his motives and methods. Narendra Modi is one polarizing figure. No two ways about that. But what he also is, is a goldmine for news headlines. So much so that one might think the media puts out a NaMo story a day just to get their numbers to shoot up. And before you call the kettle black, the stories of the country’s Prime Minister always tend to do well amongst readers too, who either bash him or us. This clearly establishes the facts, that love him, hate him, but you cannot ignore Modi.

The primacy of economic growth, development and employment generation in Modi’s policy paradigm provides justification for the book Modi and his challenges by Rajiv Kumar, one of India’s leading economists. Through this book he attempts to understand Modi’s track record over a decade in Gujrat and his pronouncements since taking office in Delhi.  The author dedicates the chapter 3 and 4 to this end to decipher whether these actually represent a coherent and robust development strategy that will put India on a path of sustained double digit growth over the next three decades.  Findings from the detailed analysis of his economic policy performance in these two chapters provides the reader with insights into whether Modi will be able to shift gears and put the Indian economy on a higher growth and employment generation trajectory.

modi and his challenges

Rajiv Kumar


Price : `599

Pages : 317


Modi’s ideological premises are the base of his handling the volatile nature of Indian political system. Understanting of Modi as RSS pracharak prevents people from fully grasping his present economic policy instance. Modi has amply demonstrated that he combines, with a degree of finesse, development objectives, and vigorous nationalism. The author in his next chapter attempts to understand the principal drivers of Modi’s behaviour, as he negotiates the complicated terrain oof India’s political economy.

In a nutshell, the book identifies many formidable challenges Modi faces as the leader of world’s largest democracy that is in the midst of a complete transition and recommends measures that Modi must implement to deliver on his his promises, thereby enabling India to realise its true potential.

By Nilabh Krishna


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