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Will Mehbooba act on Mehboob?

Updated: May 3, 2016 11:56 am

The land of Kashmir and the life of people out there is no less than a hell in the heaven. Natural climates like flood and earthquake aside, this land is up for grabs to envious neighbours like China and Pakistan. While Pakistan is directly aiding and abetting terrorism in the valley and China is “hand in gloves” with Pak by providing arms and ammunition. It is worrisome that the major chunk of the youth of the Valley, who should have looked out for their bright future serving their state and nation, are busy throwing stones, protest march and other anti-national activities. Although some tension free gaps are being provided by their master-minds, which last for a month or two, after that the entire valley again starts boiling and sizzling over the issues too trivial to talk about like the current “Handwara one”.

Recently when National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar imbroglio started getting worse and murkier, my perception about Kashmir and its people got reaffirmed. Just a couple of years back when I visited valley, almost two decades after the horrific exodus, I got the chance to meet some of the non-local students studying in this NIT. At one end I, was glad enough to hear out the stories and the experiences of those students and the kind of support they were receiving from local students. Although at that time it was difficult for me to come in terms with their entire narrations. It sounded to me perhaps Kashmir maybe gradually limping towards normalcy and the level of hatred which has been inculcated for years in the majority community has come down to a certain degree. It kicked off the nostalgic memory of my good old days of my growing up years in the same valley. I still remember when the uprising within the majority community had already taken deep roots; even the game of cricket was enough to prove their allegiance to Pakistan. For an instance on April 18, 1986 in one  cricket match in Sharjah between India and Pakistan, when Pak player Javed Miandad hit sixer at the last ball bowled by Indian bowler Chetan Sharma, the whole valley celebrated the victory of Pakistan in such a way as if Prophet Muhammad was seen live on this land. In fact, whenever India would lose to Pak or any other nation for that matter, it started becoming a thing of pride and celebration. This unauthenticated love for Pakistan proved fatal for us, for, the window pans and glasses of our homes were bound to be broken either by stones thrown by the young and children of our neighborhood or by the heavy dose of firecrackers.


Coming back to NIT fiasco that came forth confirmed at least my personal belief that Kashmiri Muslims have not changed even a bit and thank God the perception of those students which I encountered with got cleared about their friends and foes especially in the place like Kashmir. Despite India being appeasing, pleading and feeding them at the cost of taxpayers of my country, India will continue to be their “apple of discord” which they prove time and again by holding anti India demonstrations and overall providing full-fledged support to the terrorist organisations like JeM, ISIS etc. Although, the incident of March 31, 2016  where in the local students clash with the non locals after India lost to West Indies in the T20 world cup match, was mishandled by the administration and police but it indeed posed one big question over the security concerns of the non-local students. Despite assurances from the civil and police authorities, the situation inside the campus has been volatile. The HRD ministry has facilitated the safe journey of the out station students back to their home and agreed to reschedule their exams. The gruesome images of J&K police brutality will remain etched deep in their minds. The fear of return to valley (NIT) to complete their studies will surely take time to overcome.

As said earlier that the Pan Islamic agenda of Jihadi forces is in full bloom in the entire state of J&K. Demographically speaking Jammu  and Ladakh divisions are much bigger than that of Kashmir but right from Shaikhs regime these two regions have been neglected politically, socially as well as economically. The appeasement policy towards Kashmir always let to the supremacy of this region over the other two. Because of exodus of minorities and the second-class treatment towards Ladakh & Jammu regions the majority population has the major say in almost all the departments of the state administration eg, Police department of the state is entirely in the hands of the majority community. The heavy deployment of police force in the NIT campus, seizing the Tri-colour from peacefully protesting students and then heavy baton charging over the non-local students, is just the indication of their subversive thinking. The police even entered the hostel rooms to beat up the students. The probationary Dy. S.P Majid Mahboob (SHO Nageen) commanding the team of Policemen justified use of force over students for their misbehavior but reports suggest that on the orders of this officer, police men went on with the brutality. Few victimised students even narrated that while assaulting and attacking them some bearded policemen abused them while saying that “this is not India, you are in Kashmir” “we did not spare 4 lakh Kashmiri Hindus how you expect us to bear you handful Indians”. This of course sends the ripples of fear and insecurity among the students, compelling them to demand permanent central security, 50 per cent non-local staff.

One big question arises that ordering such police brutality and demanding additional state armed police and then letting lose the police force like savages, over the patriotic students is itself the horrific crime. Then up to this time, why no stringent action has been taken against SHO Mr. Mehboob? Why the newly elected Chief Minister of the state is quiet over the suspension of Mr. Mehboob? Why the politicians are scared to follow the law of land in this state? Whenever any other police brutality comes to notice, at once the political administration, after probing takes the guilty to justice e.g. Saroor a small town of district Samba in the Jammu division of same state where thousands of canals of land has been encroached illegally by the Gujar Muslims. In recent past, the communal violence broke out between the two groups. When the law and order went out of control the SHO of this area Mr. Bharat, on the orders of D.C used the armed police force to control the situation. A complaint led to the long term suspension of SHO Bharat, within no time, while the sub-judiced land is still under the illegal occupation of same community. This is the classic example of the discriminatory politics of this state.


While feeling quite apprehensive that the ripple effect of NIT incident should not pass on to other colleges like Pune, Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai, Rajasthan etc. where thousands of Kashmiri students are studying. Unlike, J&K police, I really feel proud of our security forces and police force of all such states for being so prompt and disciplined and steadfast enough to work within the frame of law of the land. Imagine if the police of such states would act like J&K police what would be the plight of those Kashmiri students studying outside J&K, who are always on the rampage spree every now and then.

One big secret about J&K police that must come to light and perhaps one of the sole but hidden reasons behind the apathy shown by J&K police towards the non locals, is attributed to the fact that majority of the police personal of Kashmir comprise of those surrendered militants who were recruited under the special drive, to absorb them and to bring them back to mainstream. Unfortunately, the inherent gene of traitorship could not get diluted even with that pious police khaki they wear, because the true colours of jackal ultimately become visible one day or the other.

By Yajin Bhatt

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