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THE North-East States; The hidden jewel of India

Updated: May 3, 2016 11:32 am

The North-Eastern India is aptly known for festivals, warriors, mystical myths, folklores and legends. North-East is endowed with abundance of natural beauty, and bewildering diversity. It is air-conditioned by nature as the climate is pleasant and moderate throughout the year. The North-East people are known for their warm hospitality, welcoming spirit and spirit of camaraderie. As such, welcoming tourists and tourism is the most natural things for the inhabitants of these states. However, it remains largely as an unexplored land. With handful of population and several remote regions, the eight states of the North-East haven’t really caught travelers’ fancy as it could actually have. If you are ready to explore; there is a world of surprises waiting for you in this part of the country. From fantastic treks to lush jungles, natural caves and much more, there is so much to do and experience in the North-East. You are bound to skip your heartbeat when you will witness the cloud-kissed blue hills, the enchanting emerald green rivers and the waterfalls gushing out in between the hills. The North-East can be the perfect holiday destination for adventure seekers and those who love nature as it is the safest region for woman in India. You may engage yourself in various sports activities like trekking, paragliding, fishing and more. You will find the British colonial touch in the architectural pattern of the buildings in many places which again adds to the beauty of the towns. As you will walk through the curved roads with fresh green tea garden on one of your side and cottony clouds drifting by, more mountains unfolding as you walk straight ahead, it will make you forget about anything else in this world!

Imagine the place once settled by ferocious head hunter’s sect has now NIT’s, IIM, and IIT. Let alone ‘the sick man of India’ NE region is home to rich biodiversity and exquisite picturesque landscapes and enchanting wilderness. There is nothing as such ‘the sick man of India’ couldn’t become India’s favorite bridal laced with enticing gems for Mangalsutra. The time has now arrive for the India’s mandated land to wed NE through promoting the region. NE itself is a resource rich and pristine water bodies and verdant serendipity of wilds. In the recent time India’s favorite hill station was shillong, Meghalaya, known as the Scotland of the East. Once the headquarter of British in the North-Eastern frontier province, shillong is famous for clean and pristine green terrain carpeted with a thick alpine conical woods resemble the landscape and vegetation to that as Scotland. Meghalaya is home to Asia cleanest Village, world wettest place, exquisite picturesque, rich biodiversity.

One distinct culture of NE that even enticed several international renowned musicians and bands is that they later find a place to call home in India. Resting on the hilly terrains of the east khasi hills, shillong is the capital city of Meghalaya which is famous not only for its picturesque landscape and its commonly known insignia “Scotland of the east,” but also fancied as the rock capital of India. Legendary bands like Scorpion’s, Mr. Big, White lion, M.L.T.R., Firehouse, Lost Angel (Alice cooper guitarist, Whitelion drummer, Motley Crew frontman), Petra, and many other famous band such as Hoobastank had maneuvered the country rock capital with courteous ethics of rock and roll. Young and beautiful people from across India and especially the bongs visit the rock capital everytime music fests are organized by Meghalaya Ministry of Tourism. Most of the music fests are enthrall by world famous legendary bands.

The vast blankets of woods that spreadsheet across the terrain , as elegant as ever, kisses the notorious greens of Yunnan province and lay alongside the great folds of Himalayas foothills betrothed with quaint is so enchanting that it bewitched my soul and symmetrically feel like Wordsworth honest confession before the radiant mother nature. Just as the wild beast whose commute before the wild flowers that doesn’t care where she grow, a true connoisseur could stumble upon her enchanting spell that he could drift away in thy careless sway.

Insurgencies Has Demean Tourism In the North-East

The NE of India has failed to even find a spot in the ambitious smart city propounded by Modi government. There is much to be done by civil societies, business and social entrepreneurs, sound inclusive economy, infrastructure and transportation and most importantly discourage insurgency. We have everything that Switzerland has, we have islands, we are no short of caves, we have wildlife’s and picturesque tea plantations, we have unexplored Arunachal and its mighty gorges, and the Eastern Nagaland evokes a sense of beauty that beholds the eyes that set her. Besides stereotyped with insecurities, even the NE demographic doesn’t know much about the beauty that enchants in the unwinding Meadows and tors. Why should they pitted against each other, the states have no cordial dealing, and there are ethnic clashes so how can investment flow if there’s no assuring completion of projects. The entire NE region is yet to fully explore her serene beauty coyly hidden into the wild east and beneath the mighty vales. To appreciate NE region and augment into a global viable tourist destination there is loads to do for the civil society as homework. Hornbill festival in Nagaland is a genius of no less distinction, no lesser than any global extravaganza. For the NE to augment its tourism is to first and foremost discourage insurgencies. And to battle such volatile demography, only robust economy and development are the Hobson choice for the union government and the state as well. Heaven will not fall and transform NE into a vibrant state. Whereas, all round development (better education; infrastructure; economy; transport; entrepreneurship; skills and development) is one surefire factor that will attributed in total eradication of insurgencies and repressive hegemonies.

Enchanting yet has an ironical tales on the other side of the rim. These states are not economically prosperous and depend entirely on agriculture; development of tourism can help to balance economic development. A blend of political viscosities restraint her beauty within boundaries. The serene beauty of the NE terrains is less explored and less appreciated by travelers, tourist, and connoisseur as the NE is stereotypes with insecurity.


The serene beauty and the picturesque landscape of entire Meghalaya has not a day failed to bewitched people’s eyes and captivate them everytime they troll away into the woods. Shillong is the one of the cleanest city of India. In fact, Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong is few miles away from shillong. Many Englishman find a home in shillong and decided to stay even when India was freed from English dominion. After all the entire vegetation and the landscape is the exact resemblance of Scotland’s country side.

Arunachal Pradesh

The natural gorges, valley, meadows, riverine in Arunachal is second to none. Her enchanting landscape and enormous resources are perhaps the fitting explanation as to why China deviously claims part of Arunachal Pradesh. Bollywood has ardent attachment with Arunachal Pradesh as the natural landscape and the beautiful scenery brings about a nostalgia euphoria that relent Madhuri and Shahrukh had once romance beneath the captivating skyline that enveloped the breathtaking sight.


A Himalayan wonderland, Sikkim is nestled in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas and nature has gifted this state with unique beauty. The state is bestowed with a greater variety of vegetation and undisturbed valleys, five climatic zones, total sanitation, peaceful environment, hospitable and humble people and a rich cultural heritage – which is unmatched and would be hard to find anywhere else. Among its mountains is the fabulous Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. Sikkim is also the least populous state in the Indian union. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is situated at a height of over five thousand feet above sea level.


If you are a born adventurer or a protagonist trekker you will find that beautiful highland of Scandinavia once inhibited by the nomadic civilization of ancient Europe in Eastern Nagaland, Tuensang Mon District, bordering eastern Myanmar and Wokha.


Can you even imagine a natural habitat that floats on water body? Well! There is exactly one in Manipur, where a family of Cervidae, an Eld’s Deer called Sangai found its habitat on a floating biomass (phumbi) on Loktak Lake. This critically endangered species of brow-antlered deer ‘Sangai’ found nowhere but in Manipur. Keibul lamjao national park is home to an endangered species of brow-antler deer ‘Sangai’.


With the improvement of standard of  living of Tripura, tourism is gaining more importance. Endowed with rich variety of tourist attractions consisting of archaeological monuments, palaces, water bodies, temples, mosques & Buddhist Stupas of religious significance, traditional craftsmanship, Tripura offers vast potential for growth of Tourism.


Assam is synonymous with breathtaking natural beauty, teeming wildlife, immaculate tea gardens and warm, beautiful people.

By Ningreikhan Wungkhai

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