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Tamil Nadu In The Grip Of Islamic Terrorism

Updated: April 6, 2016 1:42 pm

The Dravidian parties and other pseudo-secular parties, which indulge in minority vote-bank politics, seemed to have deliberately turned a blind eye to the Islamic extremism and jihadi activities, happening across Tamil Nadu. As the alternative DMK and AIADMK governments have not taken any action to curb this menace of jihad, it has grown to alarming proportions across the state over the years. This has resulted in the government machinery and the police force fearing Islamic aggression and yielding to it.

In this kind of a scenario, the Hindu Munnani, an organization affiliated to RSS, has documented the Islamic aggression and terror activities which have happened since 2006. The organization has documented around 300 incidents that have happened in 21 states and released the documentary titled “Tamil Nadu in the Grip of Islamic Terrorism” comprised in 3 DVDs.

The documentary is a compilation of jihadi murders and assaults, other numerous anti-national, anti-social and anti-Hindu incidents such as destruction of temples, deceiving Hindu girls through Love Jihad, crimes against women, destroying the businesses of Hindus, obstructing Hindu festivals and religious processions, cow slaughter, insulting national symbols, indulging in pro-Pakistan campaigns, promoting the agenda of international terrorist organizations, indulging in terror acts, smuggling of weapons, involving in fake currency rackets, helping infiltration of foreign nationals and attacking police stations and police personnel This documentary was released in Chennai on February 21, 2016 at a well-attended event by Shri Ramagopalan, Founder President of Hindu Munnani and the first copy was received by senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Dr.Subramanian Swamy. Shri Sushil Pandit, Co-Founder of the organization “Roots in Kashmir”; also attended the event as a Special Invitee and spoke on the occasion. H. Raja, National Secretary, BJP, also attended the event and translated Sushil Pandit’s speech.

While speaking on the occasion, Sushil Pandit said, “Kashmir and Tamil Nadu cannot be compared. In Kashmir, 500 years of alien rule is the reason for the reduction of Hindus to the level of a micro minority community.  After continuous subjugation under Shah Mir Dynasty, Chak Dynasty, Moguls and Pathans, Maharaja Ranjith Singh liberated Kashmir in 1890 by defeating the Muslims. We were able to breathe freedom till 1947. After India’s independence, Kashmir came under Muslim rule again when Jawaharlal Nehru brought Sheikh Abdullah to govern Kashmir. So, since 1947, Kashmir Hindus were forced to move out for economic and social opportunities due to social oppression, lack of job opportunities in government and public sector undertakings, lack of respect and consideration for merit and lack of opportunities in professional education. The freedom they enjoyed outside of Kashmir also played a role in their moving out. With the advent of nineties, as the environment became too hostile for survival, the Kasmiri Hindu exodus happened to a huge extent, which was the seventh in the last 600 years. Now only 600 families live in Kashmir and these families had to stay put, for they didn’t have any means to move out and settle outside Kashmir”.

Sushil Pandit continued and said, “What is happening in Tamil Nadu? Well settled and growing majority Hindu community is threatened by an aggressive minority which is only 6 per cent. That is why I feel it is wrong to compare it with Kashmir and here only I understood that it is not to do with numbers alone. At the time of independence, the population of Kashmir valley must have been between 25 lac and 30 lac and India had a population of 30 crore then. But, they could survive. Today, the Muslims are less than 25 per cent in Bengal; less than 24 per cent in Bihar. But the Hindus living in the areas dominated by Muslims in these states, are forced to leave after selling their houses and properties. The reason for this is that they have to get permission from Muslims for their marriage processions, funeral processions, the path to be taken for such processions, playing of musical instruments during the processions, number of persons taking part in the processions and even the ceremonial dresses to be worn for those processions.  There is no Article 370 of the Constitution in all these places. Even in Ambur they are less than 16 per cent. Therefore, you don’t have anything to blame. Hindus are a minority in all these places. So, it is the mindset that is to be blamed. Everything depends on the mindset and not in numbers or the Constitution or Articles of the Constitution or the laws of the land. It is here in our mindset”.

10-04-2016While concluding his speech, Sushil Pandit said, “I think this documentary and the documentation done through this are very significant. We have also documented the destruction of our temples, homes and properties. We are very good at documentation. But, we have to go beyond this. These documentaries and the truth told by these documentaries should make     us, motivate us, to act. I have only this to say”.

 Dr.Swamy began his speech saying, “Many people have requested me through twitter saying that this event must be spread across the nation. So, in order to reach everybody, I will speak in English, and in the coming assembly polls, I will speak these very same matters in Tamil”.

He continued, “The Islamic aggression of jihad has always been in support of India’s adversaries. In the 1946 general elections in Tamil Nadu, in the constituencies reserved for Muslims, they raised pro-Pakistan slogans and all of them have won. After partition of India, those Muslim organisations which have faith in jihad, allied with Congress party for their security. Congress too accepted their alliance for the sake of minority vote bank.  When the DMK captured power, these jihadi organisations left Congress and made friends with DMK. Since then, they have been in alliance with DMK and AIADMK alternatively. This has been their strategy and they are very clear in that”.

Dr.Swamy added, “Our tradition has been that we have always given asylum and protection to all those who come to India from outside. That is how we protected Parsis and Jews. Those Muslims, who continued in India after partition, knew pretty well that this country will remain as Hindu India. We don’t have any objections to their living like Parsis and Jews following their religion and accepting our culture and tradition. Today, we are ready to accept Muslims on the basis of a scientific truth that the DNA of an Indian Muslim and a Hindu are one and the same. So, the Muslims must accept the fact that their ancestors are Hindus. But, the Muslim fundamentalists think they belong to an international community. They are attracted towards international terrorist organisations such as ISIS. ISIS says that India is an incomplete chapter in the history of Islam. Why they say like that? Because, the countries like Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon and Egypt, which they had captured, have been converted to 100 per cent Islamic nations”.

He said, “Hindus of Melvisharam, a Muslim dominated Panchayat in Vellore district, were persecuted and they suffered a lot under the Muslim majority. When I visited that place along with VHP leader Sri Vedantam, I understood the fact that the Hindus there are refused any kind of facilities and are forced to convert to Islam. Therefore, I approached the High Court and obtained an order in favour of Hindus. This is not only happening in Melvisharam; such a persecution is happening in 40 panchayats across Tamil Nadu. Although they are only 4 per cent or 5 per cent, wherever they are a dominating majority community, the minorities are denied opportunities”.

Citing a clipping from the documentary, Dr.Swamy said, “I saw a scene in this documentary. A Muslim leader threatens the police force saying that their youth are 50 lacs in Tamil Nadu and that they outnumber the police force which is only 20,000. They should understand that Hindus are 200 crore. We are ready to co-exist with Muslims. But, they should accept to be a part of a family, that is, they must accept that their ancestors are Hindus.  Therefore, how to face this challenge? It can be faced only by Unity. Now, there are a lot of problems in Tamil Nadu. Support for ISIS is increasing. Tamil Nadu ranks second in sending jihadis. Prevailing situation in the state is that the Jihadis can do anything they want to. Many Hindu activists have been murdered. But, the Tamil Nadu government doesn’t seem to take any action. The police complain to me that they are not allowed to take action against the Muslim fundamentalists by the government. In this kind of governance, if the rulers who claim to be Hindus do not ensure law and order, then what kind of protection will be there for Hindus? Chief Minister Jayalalitha must come forward to ensure law and order. If she doesn’t know how to do it, she must ask the center. The central government has a list of Jihadi organisations and they will guide the state government”.


Continuing his speech, Dr.Swamy said, “Muslims will conduct and behave properly, if we, the majority community, are united. But, if we vote for money and on the basis  of caste like the people of Tamil Nadu, they will threaten the people and the police. So, without blaming them for their act of working for their own welfare, we should find ways and means to ensure unity among ourselves. We should get united and make the political parties fall at our feet. If we get united, all of them will come to us. Our Constitution is strong. We can achieve through that. We can warn them that we know how to ensure law and order and that we would not keep quiet if they indulge in terror and violence”.

As concluding remarks, Dr. Swamy said, “Hindu has arisen! He must preserve, protect and affirm the culture and tradition of this nation. Our religion and culture are the blood stream of this nation. Here the minorities have more space than other countries. This culture will ensure that they are tolerated. The Hindu Samaj will ensure the same. We will be ready to wage a war with whoever attempting to break that. We need strong Hindus and that is why I came from Delhi to this documentary release function”.

In his brief address Ramagopalan said, “There is a mistaken opinion among the general public that Tamil Nadu is a haven of peace and that Hindus are safe. Even Hindus think so. But it is not true. I travel across the state four times a year. I know what is happening; I regularly meet the elders and leaders of all the places and communities wherever I go and get to know many things from them. I also gather much information from other sources. This project has been accomplished with the help of such people and the information provided by them”.

Ramagopalan concluded by saying, “People of Tamil Nadu must see this documentary and get to know the truths revealed in it. This will help them to protect themselves. May peace and harmony prevail!”

The Release Function was hosted live through webcast and the documentaries (Main and Excerpts) were uploaded immediately on YouTube.  The Tweet counts went up to more than 50 lacs. Within a couple of days of the release of the documentary, Muslim organisations filed complaints in many places across the state requesting for a ban on the documentary and demanding the arrest of interviewees (victims of jihad) who have described in detail the ordeal and suffering which they had undergone at the hands of jihadis. However, it is pertinent to note that they have not made any specific complaints on the content of the documentary. Posters were also put up by Muslim organisations in Muslim pockets demanding a ban on the documentary.

Jawahirullah, President of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK), who formerly belonged to SIM I, released a statement that, Hindutva Groups have released videos threatening communal peace, and that, the BJP and Sangh Parivar were indulging in politics of hate trying to foment unrest between Hindus and Muslims. He requested for Chief Minister’s direct intervention and the government’s crackdown on the videos of the documentary.

Due to the pressure exerted by Muslim organisations, Dindukkal police filed cases against 5 Hindus for testifying in the documentary, under Sections 153 (a), 153 (b) and 505. One Rajagopal of Hindu Makkal Katchi (Formerly from Hindu Munnani) was arrested. One Solairajan was picked up and beaten by Muslims and later handed over to the police. When hundreds of Hindus protested, the police arrested three Muslim fundamentalists based on a complaint submitted by Solairajan. Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), a fundamentalist political party threatened Chinnathambi of Pudumadam in Ramanathapuram district of dire consequences for testifying in the documentary.

The state government for its part, intervened and arranged for the removal of the documentary videos from YouTube and Facebook, alleged Hindu Munnani.  However, the state government has not come out with any official statement on the issue. The media, which was present in full for the event, refrained itself from reporting or telecasting the contents of the documentary.

While the Director General of Police gave an audience to Muslim leaders immediately after the release of the documentary, he met a team of Hindu Munnani lawyers only on March 7, 2016. When they gave a complaint based on the documentary requesting to take action against the Islamic fundamentalists, he had reportedly told them that the police would take action only on specific complaints and not on a general complaint.

As the Assembly Elections are fast approaching, the government seems to be lying low, without deciding on how to deal with the issue, as it is a sensitive one. The Muslim organizations are also conspicuous of their unbelievably soft response so far. The fundamentalist outfit Popular Front of India aired a trailer showing Gandhi murder blaming Savarkar and Godse for that and also added a few scenes taken from media on 2002 Gujarat riots. The outfit said that it would come out with a full-fledged documentary soon in response to this one released by Hindu Munnani.  Only time will tell how the issue is going to develop further.

The fact of the matter is that the documentary released by Hindu Munnani seems to be a path breaking effort of documentation in the history of Islamic fundamentalism in Tamil Nadu. It is the first of its kind and a well made video documentation which has shocked the Muslim organisations, Government of Tamil Nadu, TN Political Parties and Media Houses, et al.

By B.R.Haran

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