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2015’s Jaichand?

Updated: December 3, 2015 12:14 pm


He has been abusive, defamatory, provocative and insulting in the past. Like he had said if Modi, the chaiwallah, needs, he could arrange a stall opposite 24 Akbar Road. The chaiwallah became a prime minister and Aiyer angrier. But he had until now not crossed the line that separates a renegade and a traitor. He has now been seditious, traitor to the country and has displayed the personality of a mercenary who lends his loyalty for some consideration. Indeed, the erudition of the Congress leader and loyalist of the Gandhis to the point of being a bonded kitchen scullery boy, Mani Shankar Aiyar, has been a waste. He has been erudite only in abusing, using crudest of invectives and now forgetting all his erudition he uttered his seditious feelings in the crudest manner. “Pahele Modi ko nikalo,” he said in an answer to a Pak anchor’s question as to how to improve relations between India and Pakistan.

As per ABP news, while speaking during an interview to a Pakistani news channel, Duniya TV, Aiyar said, “First, it is required to remove Modi, otherwise talks will not move forward. We’ll have to wait for four years. These people are very optimistic about Modi, they think that talks will move forward with Modi’s presence, but I don’t think so.” Now was he asking Pakistan to ‘nikalo’ Modi? It seems so. In India, Modi was elected democratically with a big majority so he cannot be removed before the 2019 election. The apparent conclusion then will be that he was asking Pakistan—our enemy, not of Aiyar’s—wage another war or send terrorists to remove Modi. Is this not the worst kind of treachery and sedition?

It is justified to rechristen Lucknow as the City of Mayawati. And Akhilesh Yadav deserves kudos for nurturing the ‘new’ city well.

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