Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Accusers become accused

Updated: December 18, 2015 11:24 am

Intolerance was at display on Delhi streets and in the two Houses of Parliament as Congressmen and women, ostensibly agrrieved with Delhi High Court judgement dismissing the petition of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to set aside summons by a trial court, raised slogans and accused the Government of political vendetta. Dr Subramaniam Swamy had filed a case of cheating and misappropriation of funds of the National Herald and after scrutiny of documents filed by him, the magistrate issued the summons. She attached a 19-page observation by her explaining why it was essential to proceed with the complaint. These loyal ‘subjects’ of the ‘Royals’ have threatened to stall the two Houses and not allow any bills to be passed. In short, these inheritors of Democratic values set by Nehru are intending to hold the country to ransom. Democracy be damned. They know they are fighting a losing cause. and are behaving most inappropriately.

They are also insinuating against the judiciary. They cannot impose Emergency but want to create a situation akin to the dark days of that period. Hopefully, the Gandhis would not now lead MPs up the Raisina Hills to complain of environment of intolerance.

Show some little mercy and shame.

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