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Prince meets audacious Princess of Mount Carmel

Updated: December 11, 2015 5:29 pm

The girls at Mount Carmels in Bengaluru are being cheered all over India for showing the guts in refuting him. We reproduce here a letter allegedly written by one of them. We cannot vouch for its authenticity but the points raised therein are by itself instructive

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

I was attending your interaction session today and want to make a few quick comments about your “lecture”. First, we are independent thinking young women who are not hired by your party agents to gather and cheer for everything you say or nod to whatever you preach. You raised some extremely good points to which we applauded and supported you but for some of your views where we could not agree we expressed dissent.

Please take it in the right spirit.

For a moment even if we agree to what you said” Swachh Bharat” is not working ,I would say that it’s the nation’s failure not PM’s alone! Do you realise that such programmes run with every individuals support like the polio campaign. It ran for decades and only now we are seeing the outcome.

How can you clean a country that has accumulated filth for decades and centuries? It’s a culture change that all of us have to bring in, including you and I. Will Modi or the govt officials make it clean by themselves? NO.

It is we who need to join hands in the success of this extremely important and good initiative. Anyways, the reality is that youngsters like me and millions across the country who have a positive vision for India are doing our bit by maintaining our surroundings clean, joining some of our weekend College drives to clean areas and localities, spread awareness, donate garbage bins, and many such small but effective means. It’s working good for us though in a limited capacity. So I said “yes” when you asked about it.

Second point about “Make in India” being a flop.

I wanted to raise a counter question there itself but could not do because of all the commotion and hullabaloo around. Have you personally done anything to make this program successful? Nothing more is expected of you and your party members than to allow the Parliament to work and support bills that will bring Make In India to the forefront.

Will you do it?

You derail the nation’s focus to trivial issues, bring communal angles, and everything to the table but not the bills and laws that will enable the Make in India to succeed.

Please leave your ego aside and help the nation to grow. Modi rolled one more fantastic initiative of girl child saving and education, betibachao- betipadhao.

Did you support it? I never heard or read anything positive from you.

All you say is government is bad. You support whoever says government is bad.

It may be bad on few things but it is good in some.

Why not take that positive point forward? This is not happening. You made a big issue of PM’s suit and halted the country!

Did you raise a stir about Mulayam singh Yadav’s birthday splash of 90 crores?

Ok I am not a BJP bhakt or an Aaptard. Just an aware, enlightened student who wants our nation move ahead. We are taught to be positive and constructive. I would say the same to you. Please be constructive and we need leaders who are not opposing everything that the govt is doing. This is unfair. Oppose where you should, support where you should. This is how India has worked, especially the new and aspiring India.

Last point, I am told that you are offended by the embarassment and before leaving Bangalore you have asked your state Cong state government to teach us a lesson. It is unfortunate that you are stooping so low and making this an ego issue. Let me tell you that don’t you dare to harass our college or any of our students. We are completely apolitical but politically aware students. If your state government tries any such gimmicks we will express our dissent as we did today. May be on a larger scale.There is a saying in Kannada that translates to something like, “Never play with with fire or female youth”, both can make or break you.

The letter even if written by someone elder has told Rahul where he stands. He should not increase his negativity towards whatever Modi does, as the girl has written in her letter. He should not oppose everything.. For instance why he could not start Swacch Bharat scheme in Amethi. The credit would have gone to him.

From Crown Prince don’t become Crying Prince.

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