Polite Words Needed

Polite Words Needed


IT TAKES all sorts to make the world. Some people have dogged determination to get on in life. They do not give up even when they are dog-tired. There are others who are always as busy as a beaver. Some people are so sensible they make horse-sense when they say something, while others, alas, are assinine. Some people grin like a Cheshire cat, while some others have a sheepish grin. Some suspicious people smell a rat when things look fishy. Some strut like a cock, while others are hen-pecked. What does this show? It shows that it takes all sorts of animals to make the human world. Then does it not behove us humans to be polite to animals? It sure does. So Satiricus was happy to read in the papers the other day that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals registered a complaint against an Australian shepherd for offending his flock of sheep with rude words. Now if it becomes a court case the verdict may depend upon whether the sheep found the shepherd’s language impolite to the extent of being illegal. If, on the other hand, the sheep are lenient, the shepherd may get off with a warning: If you ask in future ‘ba, ba, black sheep, have you any wool,  you may get the reply, yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags fullbut you wont get a single one of them unless you ask for it with a please.

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