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This Femme Fatale Dares Her God

Updated: May 12, 2012 5:11 pm

She is a devout lady doctor and ‘irreverent’ to God as well. This duality and dilemma is what defines the whole persona of ‘femme fatale’ Dr Sandeep Talwar, a well known test tube baby technique and fertility expert in BLK super specialty hospital. But she indulges in both with panache.

The feisty lady doctor, who about two years ago, sang Gurbani (shabad) and got her CD of it launched by Gursharan Kaur, wife of the Prime Minister, Man Mohan Singh, dares God daily on a Petri Dish of the state of art IVF laboratory of BLK. Petri Dish is a device where sperms and ovum mingle to procreate artificially for those couples whom God seems to have denied the pleasure of parenthood. But still, she is more often than not overwhelmed by the compelling evidence of the ultimate authority of God in procreation.

And what the audacity of faith! She invariably seeks God’s intervention before she starts doing IVF cycle and challenges him. She was once completely overwhelmed by the mysticism surrounding the birth of a twin by this artificial method. It was about eight years ago when she did IVF for the sister of one of her colleagues in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. After the transfer of embryo in her womb, the lady in question went to propitiate a goddess atop Chakrata, a high mountain range in Uttarakhand, trekking about 10 kilometers on foot, completely disregarding Dr Talwar’s advice to take a rest. Dr Talwar says-‘Rest is a must in this procedure. I was cock sure the lady will have to go for another cycle. But strange are the ways of God. Her ultrasound image was ‘pregnant’ with the good news for which every IVF expert and the childless couple wait for, with bated breath. Even when complete rest is observed, we are not sure fertilization will take place at in one go. As if this were not enough, the lady would pester me again and again with the question whether there was a twin in her womb. I would say only one was visible and she should please stop speculating. But to my surprise, next ultra sound test showed that there was a twin. Well, the clincher for the Goddess came when the lady met me with two of her grown up girls years after. She told me she annoyed her for finding out if there was a twin because she had a premonition of sorts. She would often have dreams before the test confirmed the twin, there were two cots with new born babes and her husband thanking me profusely for the bounty..’ This incidence still haunts Dr Talwar whenever she kind of feels inflated by the pride of being a procreator. Naturally, she keeps alternating between her ability to facilitate fertility and God’s ultimate authority in everything that happens under the sun.

Well, the pleasure of seeing childless couple’s ecstasy at having their bundle of joy really transcends this mysticism. If procreation is God’s preserve, be it so. But with the passage of time, IVF has become a passion for her. With the credit of over 100 test tube babies so far, she gives her heart out to leave a trail of happiness for childless couples. This passion is only whetted by events like this- only the other day while she was taking a stroll in the park, a pretty girl touched her feet. Then a couple appeared and told that she was Dr Talwar’s ‘daughter’. In fact, she was born as test tube baby during Dr Talwar’s stint in Ganga Ram.

Though 49 year old Dr Talwar’s first love was singing which she still practises as avidly as she did when she was barely six. Her hubby Dr Navin Talwar, a well known orthopaedic, is besotted with her lilting voice and thinks she is not doing justice to her musical talent. A great socialite that her hubby is, he often tries to give a boost to her singing talent. It was at his prodding that CD was launched with great fanfare. Since her father, Dr PS Maini, a great orthopaedic in Fortis, treated Gursharan Kaur, she readily accepted to launch it. Courtesy her husband, the launch was marked by the presence of veritable who’s who of the capital.

But her whole energy now is focussed on making BLK a favourite destination for childless couples. Praneet Kumar, the CEO of the hospital, who brought her here as a prized possessions for the hospital’s state of art IVF laboratory, pins lot of hopes on her ability. She is riveted on that aim and leaves no stone unturned to replenish the laboratory with ever increasing number of test tube babies. In case, God, the supreme CEO, is inevitable in this hot pursuit of her, ‘He’ too clearly seems to be on his side.

By D Kumar

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