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Balance Your World

Updated: February 18, 2012 11:51 am

The read is all about mummy preparing soup so yummy for her baby but who knows well how to stay away from being in the soup herself. If you don’t have enough hands, enough time in the day, or enough energy to balance every thing much less fit in a bit of “you time,” then Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons for Busy Moms has the realistic, doable and time-efficient tips that can transform your life. Moms who have been there will share how their quests were not focused on perfection, but on organisation and ways to create the balance we all yearn for. Find out their secrets in this book.

Life demands one to discipline the system so as to achieve the desired results, as suggested in this book talking of a mother and her responsibilities towards raising a baby with love, care and above all quality time.

The book opens secrets to nurture yourself which in turn nurture the family and life as a whole. In this rat race everyone is rushing through the milling crowd, too much of a mess around. Certain crucial aspects of life are left uncared and unheeded. This book instructs to keep an organised home and get the kids involved in chores, while bonding and feeding your soul and finding quality time to spend with yourself, friends, and partners so as to make yourself a soul of great quality that helps you win the race. In this timely and much-needed book, the authors and busy moms band together and offer thirty-two life lessons that have done wonders for them. This book also provides a source of encouragement to promote balance and a greater quality of life for you and your family. In this book, working mothers are celebrated. Selections focus either on the lighter side of life as a working mom or on the silver lining in difficult situations. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have successfully inspired millions with their tales of everyday life. Questions galore, lying unanswered as to how a mom can take quality time off and deal with it in order to raise a child have been answered well in this book.

Leafing through the pages to experience a plethora of experiences the authors have deftly assimilated to introduce a reader to different sides of life like celebrate your achievements as a busy mom, a hug a day propels a day, be comfortable with saying No, my daughter and myself, my joy and my job, picking your battles with finesse, one mother’s mantra and the like. One would really like almost all the lessons barring a few that probably do not gel well with one’s goings, like make time and take deep and full breaths and magic moments.

Patricia Moore’s essay on raising a grandchild whose mother has been incarcerated falls squarely in the latter category, as does Margaret Lang’s essay, which begins with her husband’s announcement that he’s leaving her and their two small children. Any mother who has ever had the audacity to get sick during the first four years of her children’s lives will relate to Mary Vallo’s contribution. Those who have ever attempted to breastfeed will send out a silent cheer to Ken Swarner for his hilarious account of his wife’s attempt to pump breast milk after returning to her office job. Given the realities of life as a working mother, it’s also a lucky break for the Chicken Soup folk that their short format is so well suited to this particularly busy audience.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen are sought-after national speakers and authors. They are the creators of The New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series like Chicken Soup for the New Mom’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Beach Lover’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Christian Soul, Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Working Woman’s Soul.

By Syed Wazid Ali

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