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Spiritualism From Creation To Creator

Updated: November 12, 2011 5:35 pm

Quite often we talk of “Spirit” and “Spiritualism”. Not many people may be aware of the right spirit, in which these words are used. Oxford dictionary describes spirit as- “The Intelligent non-physical part of a person; the Soul” and “A rational or intelligent being without material body”. These definitions establish a fact that man-kind believes in the existence of a formation which is central to the creation but is beyond material description. When something is central to the creation, then it also has an impact on the life of beings. Therefore there appears to be a merit in knowing rationally the nature of this element, its usefulness in life and its source. Such approach to investigation, subsequent knowledge derived from it and shaping life around the related principles, is “Spiritualism”.

Therefore spiritualism is a fact-finding systematic methodology to explore the basic foundation, related with the creation of life and weaving life around it, for the best outcome. It is the basic science of life, to familiarise oneself with the eternal principles of the creation of life and understanding them in a most scientific way. It helps in the successful accomplishment of various worldly tasks, including professional performance. Spiritualism is commonly but erroneously identified with different religious faiths, created by mankind, to worship the chosen form of God.

Presence of Soul/ Spirit, gives life and its absence results in death. Being intangible, we find it difficult to describe the soul but at a micro level, basic biological functions of life (growth, respiration, reproduction, food consumption & digestion etc.) are possible on account of the presence of soul. At a macro level also, Spiritual power transforms life. Ramkrishna Paramhans was totally ill-literate, in the conventional sense but his touch created Vivekananda, without imparting any formal knowledge, of any type, to him. It is the spiritual power of Samarth Guru Ramdas, which created a mighty Shivaji from a resource-less and very modest family of medival times. It is the spiritual power of Swami Vivekananda which transformed an intelligent and dedicated British educationist, Ms. Margret Nobel into Sister Nivedita. We may find many such examples that how the spiritual power transforms the life which becomes instrumental in changing societies and civilizations.

Once we accept the existence of soul/ life force/ Spirit, then we also need to consider its source and its inherent nature. Scriptures and philosophers therefore consider the existence of a Super-soul/ Cosmic Soul, from which souls of individual beings are originated. Therefore the properties of soul should be what the properties of super-soul are. Even the greatest scientist of 19th century Sir Albert Eienstin, felt and categorically expressed that we have to accept some supreme power which is the source of all the creation, in this universe.

We may therefore accept that knowing creation will help know the creator. If serious, systematic, consistent and inquisitive efforts are made in this direction, Self-Realization will result, which is the key to success in worldly life, individual salvation and provides knowledge about the creator. How we prioritize this issue, remains to be seen.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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