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Inactive Chairman

Updated: October 8, 2011 11:15 am

Is the chairman of the Standing Committee on Lokpal inactive? If we believe the spokesperson of Congress, it is true. Actually, Anna ended his fast on August 28 and the tenure of the Standing Committee on Lokpal ended on August 31. Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi was chairman of the committee. He was asked many times about the planning and meetings of the committee. When asked repeatedly he said that he was an inactive chairman right now. It is worth mentioning that he was appointed its chairman again on September 16. Now there is a murmur that what will the committee do, when its chairman is ‘inactive’.


Jolt To Rahul

Madam Sonia Gandhi has returned and it seems that Congress has got back its lost power. But the developments during the period she was out of the country have increased the worries of the party. This was seen in the recently held meeting of the Congress Election Committee. The members felt that though the planning of Rahul Baba’s ‘Mission UP’ was going excellently, the Anna’s movement hampered it severely. The party leaders expressed concern that if Rahul Baba failed as he had failed in the Bihar assembly elections, the party would be in a shambles. Then it was decided that instead of big rallies of Rahul Baba, the party would focus on door-to-door campaign only.


‘Saviour’ Of Ethos

A delegation of youths from India is scheduled to visit China. More than 120 youths have been selected from across the country in which 12 members are from BJP. Out of these 12 members, five are women. A general secretary of the BJP asked these women members to wear only saree or salwar-suit to reflect their Indian culture and traditions. All the members agreed except one, who happens to be a national secretary of youth wing of BJP that is BJYM. She was willing to wear western outfits as per her choice. Since she is a relative of an RSS pracharak and present BJP MP of Rajya Sabha, the general secretary couldn’t force her. But after this incident, the government has issued a guideline for the women members to wear saree or salwar-suit only. Now the above-said woman member from BJP has no choice but to shed her obstinacy. However, party leaders are now worried that how would this young generation save the ethos and traditions BJP is fighting for.



Telengana issue is an eyesore for almost every political party but it seems Congress is most affected from it. Recently Renuka Chaudhury, spokesperson of Congress, who also hails from that region, was asked what she thought about the Telengana issue, partitioning Andhra Pradesh. She replied casually that this was not going to happen. When she was informed that Home Minister P Chidambaram had said that the process of separating Telengana was on, she commented angrily that first he should divide Tamil Nadu then only could he divide AP.

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