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Honey A Natural Remedy

Updated: October 1, 2011 12:37 pm

Honey is one of the many natural remedies that nature has provided us. It has incredible health benefits. Honey is the nectar collected by the bees from the flowers. They store it in the honey comb and use it in winter when they are unable to procure fresh food. Honey has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is used as a sweetener in a variety of dishes.

Ayurveda recognised its medical benefits 4000 years ago and has explored its antiseptic, antioxidant, antiallergic, and has cleansing properties. Honey also protects our body with its amazing healing properties from head to toe. It not only fights infection and tissue healing process but also helps cure inflammation and scarring. When we eat sugar, vitamins and minerals stored in the body are used up in digesting the sugar and we also gain weight. Instead if we eat honey, the nutrients already present in it will help in digestion of honey and those nutrients would also cut down the fat and cholesterol in the body, thus helping us in our weight loss programme. One table spoon of honey added to an ounce of lukewarm water if taken daily gradually decreases weight and obesity. It can also be taken along with lemon juice.

Honey contains vitamin B1, B2, B5, and B6, minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc and also contains antioxidants and amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. It is a powerful immune booster. Its antibacterial properties can improve the digestive system and help us stay healthy and fight diseases.

Honey contains carcinogen, containing antitumour properties. It prevents cancer as well as heart diseases. A spoon full of honey added to a spoonful of amla juice or powder taken daily on empty stomach helps in prevention and cure of heart disease. Honey fights against any kind of skin damage and ageing due to its antioxidant properties. It is used for the treatment of wounds, burns, cuts, athlete foot, arthritis pain etc. Its antiseptic properties stop the growth of certain bacteria and help keep external wounds clean and free from infection.

There is a delicacy in Andhra called ‘Tene Garelu’ in which vadas are dipped in honey. So include honey in your daily life feel fitter and healthier, you can do so by enjoying honey along with your toast and pancakes.

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►  Add one teaspoon of honey to a mug of water and use it as last rinse to make your hair soft,   silky and shiny.

►  Honey mixed with tulsi juice and ginger extract cures cough and common cold and gives a soothing effect to the throat.

►  Add few drops of honey to one spoon curd (yogurt) and apply to face and neck wait for 20 minutes and wash off. See the glow on your face for yourself. Honey also acts as moisturiser and helps to fight against the damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

►  Take a spoonful of honey with warm water or milk before going to bed. It is believed to fuel up the liver, speed up fat burning metabolism, eases stress Hormones and also helps us to get good sleep.

►  Honey acts as energy booster. The glucose in the honey is absorbed by the body and quickly gives energy boost. A spoon of honey will enable you to take that extra mile when you do your workout next time.

►  If you are feeling low and lethargic in the morning take a spoon of honey with tea instead of sugar you will find instant surge of energy.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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