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Updated: September 24, 2011 1:37 pm

The BJP, which claims to be a “Party with a Difference” and which talks about the cultural nationalism, often acts in a manner, which is against all ethos they talk about. Since the time of Jan Sangh, BJP people are in favour of cow protection and BJP government in several states have banned cow slaughter. But in Delhi, where the BJP is in power in Municipal Corporation (MCD), it has taken a decision, which has irked Hindu organisations. The Mayor of MCD, Rajni Abbi, has reduced the leave of the staff of the Ghazipur slaughterhouse from 25 to 3 days for one shift. It means they are now free to slaughter more animals than before. Delhi state VHP has strongly objected to the order of the Mayor, who belongs to the BJP.

Jutaan, A Political Show-Off

Corruption has become a prime issue for everyone today and Swadeshi Jagaran Manch is not an exception. Recently, the Manch organised a Swadeshi Jutaan on the issue of corruption and black money, in which more than 800 activists participated from all over the country. Though the Manch is engaged in raising the issue of black money for several months, this Jutaan became a promotional programme for some BJP leaders. This was proved by the hoardings used for the programme, which contained only the picture of a national secretary to the BJP, who was in Swadeshi Jagaran Manch previously. No hoarding contained a single picture of any worker to the Manch. Uma Bharati, who managed her comeback in the party recently, was also seen at the Jutaan but for such a small span of time that participants wondered why she had come here.

Rebellious Khanduri

News from Uttarakhand may steal the sleep of central leadership of the BJP. One of its senior leaders from the state and former chief minister BC Khanduri has once again started to speak against the party lines. Recently, at a public meeting, he not only apologised to the people for some possible corruption during his tenure as Chief Minister, but also termed his own party BJP as the most corrupt one. He also refused the invitation of the state in-charge Rajnath Singh for a dialogue. A senior party worker from Uttarakhand hinted that Khanduri might leave the party any time.


To Congress, Gujarat has been an eyesore for a long time and recent development has exposed the rift between the state and the central leadership of the Congress. Appointment of Lokayukta by the Governor without taking consent of the Chief Minister has created a lot of trouble for UPA in the Parliament. Central leadership of the Congress Party specially the political advisor to Madam Sonia Gandhi Mr Ahmad Patel wanted to hush up the matter by simply repealing the appointment of Lokayukta, but the state leadership has presented a memorandum to the President on this issue. However, an angry Patel avoided to join them.

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