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The Second Life

Updated: September 10, 2011 4:30 pm

‘Behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining.’ It’s a saying which for many reasons was not becoming in Ramrati’s unfortunate life—a 50 years old but weighs no more than 31 kg, as she had been suffering from various diseases since she was young. At her early stage Ramrati had a problem with walking due to her swollen limbs and by some medication and effort she miraculously recovered from the said disease— which her drained mind struggle to recall. At present, Ramrati withstanding a Mitral Valve replacement is living a blessed second life gifted to her by one of the most prestigious hospitals in India—Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.

Luck plays a strange role in one’s life. To Ramrati and her husband, Bhawani Din, before the operation kismet existed only in stories and who can admonish them for not believing in words of such concept? After all, life’s never been easy for Ramrati: Since she came across the breathing problem at the ripe age of 50, especially a time when she wanted nothing more but to give a quality education to her children, she and her husband were left with no alternative but to mortgage their humble agricultural land—to receive a fair amount in exchange for a painless and a simple life.

However, coming from a small cluster of village near Jhansi, Mitral Valve replacement was a never-heard process. This lack of knowledge did not alter their moves. In fact, Bhawani Din and Ramrati headed for Jhansi then Lucknow; here Bhawani almost lost his hope, the amount requirement was supposedly out-of-their-reach. “We were not aware of the cost of operation. The hospital was asking for Rs two lakh and it’s a really huge amount for us. I decided to come to the AIIMS as it is a government hospital and charges will be less,” this was said by the 52 years old husband who did not leave her wife alone through the worst phase of life, as she too wanted to leave the world.

Well, the extended dates of government hospitals are something which anyone can virtually read, put up on the gate of the hospitals. It was no different for Ramrati, ultimately she joined the same queue—waiting patiently for her day, as the ray of hope for immediate operation was dashed by long dates given out by the AIIMS. Bhawani Din did not have the heart to return home without good result and all they could have gathered was one lakh for the operation: “ I am a farmer. The most I managed was one lakh for the operation. And with the dates getting extended in libmo, the shelter and food became a problem,” said a helpless Bhawani Din.

Ramrati was brought to light by the Hindustan Times when it discovered her streched uncomfortably in an unused male toilet on the AIIMS campus as her new and temporary home.
Well, this resulted to be a respite for the deprived and eagerly awaiting Ramrati, as the Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, known to be the best cardiac hospital in NCR, decided to take the case of Ramrati and repaired her damaged heart for free. “It is a hospital entirely run and owned by the doctors. There are total 92 senior doctors and they are altogether the shareholders of the hospitals, due to this there is less business and more compassion for the patients. This in other words made it easier to take Ramrati’s case for humanity cause,” said Gaurav Pandey, the proud PRO of Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital.

By Taw Nana

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