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Gurgaon Bangalore Of North?

Updated: July 16, 2011 10:55 am

In the fraternity of the safe played economy, government is in habit of sidelining inevitable and ambiguous deals. Gurgaon epitomises the shining story of an insatiable land. In the present face of economy, private sectors have proved blessing to the Indian commerce. Gurgaon an area with no adequacy to support itself is standing erect as a private hub. In spite of dysfunctional government, poor connectivity to the capital and dearth of basic resources the beat with the bliss of private corporations, has brought up 30 million square feet of commercial area that is more than double of what New Delhi have.

            The district has its roots in political paraphernalia, which was then left in the state of interregnum. It remained in vegetative condition until 1991 when certain policies came into being and private firms began to sprout with no end in sight. GE saw the insufficiency of the capital to the support the growing demand and took the initial step to risk amounts in construction of the basic structure. Seeing this others followed and the pace advanced beyond expectations. Today Gurgaon has 26 shopping malls, a cyber city house and seven golf courses serving the standard life there and around. Two decades back Maruti Suzuki was the only name to have its office there, but with no government hand or effort, it has become delight of brands like Ericsson, Pepsico, Cocacola, Nokia and what not. Companies have themselves played a lot to improvise and strive out of the void created by the local government organisations. 50 thousand private vehicles are on road to deal with the issue of connectivity and transportation. Security services are offered by private firms. Big generators are used in small areas to meet with the need of electricity. Present generation sees Gurgaon as a delight for there professional life and craves to be a part of it. Surprisingly, this area was overlooked as the area of Nilgai and therefore was left untouched. When compared with other nearby regions like Faridabad or Ghaziabad; the facilities are better and well served. Railway is offering direct link. And due to less government interference resulted in work with sufficient decisiveness.

            Evidently, amused at the fiery rate of growth it is burdensome for the municipal corporations to match with it. Citywide water supply, sewer system and number of construction required seem to overload the time for them. It is understood, that being supportive to the foreign corporations does not appear to be the trend of governments here.

            People are well ensured that it could not be this better with any such expectation. Things might have been worse. What vistas are opening to? Is Gurgaon looking forward to reflect Banglore in north? It is certainly offering maximum economic growth to the New Delhi. Saturations are still far ahead and it is a long way to go.

 By Shivani Swaroop

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