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How To Live A Healthy Life

Updated: July 9, 2011 11:30 am

It is natural to be healthy. Millions are born healthy and strong and they can stay as such by living in accordance with the provisions of nature. In this backdrop, the book assumes importance, as it provides incisive and comprehensive knowledge about naturopathy. Naturopathy, to some people, is a system of nuisance and rigour, involving tortuous processes of treatment with remote results. In fact, such ideas and beliefs about naturopathy are highly prejudicial and fallacious, leading the people away from the golden device of healing/curing diseases through natural, drugless and the most harmless process. The writer maintains that human beings are an intrinsic part of nature, hence, nothing except nature can facilitate a complete cure for human machinery disorders. Naturopathy attempts to bring the human body close to the nature and yoga tries to keep it there. It is, therefore, a misfortune that naturopathy and yoga remain ignored. In fact, the primary cause of all diseases is “the violation of nature’s laws”, i.e. breach of rules of diet, exercises, drinking water, relaxation, sleep etc. “Disease as such is the self-purifying effort of nature,” proclaims the writer. The 277-page book, which is divided into 18 chapters, states that naturopathy believes that the germs, which cause disease, appear and flourish only where morbid matter has accumulated. Hence, a disease cannot attack unless there is already a soil in which the germs can thrive. When morbid waste products in the body become very strong, the self-curative forces (vitality) work at low pace and nature loses its fight, resulting in disease.

            According to the basic concept of naturopathy or nature cure, all healing comes from within the body itself. This is to say, there are self-curative forces, which are inherent in the human body working towards health and healing. In fact, a naturopath simply provides required guidance, whereas self-control, diet control and exercises to be adopted by the patient, play a major role in the healing process. Accumulation of waste products in the body, by eating wrong types of food, over-eating or poor digestion and assimilation, is considered to be one of the major causes of ill-health and various diseases. Nothing eliminates these waste products more effectively than fasting and enema. The human body is a sophisticated tough machine. Most of the diseases can be treated and cured by cleaning the body through natural, eliminative and physiological processes.

            The book talks about various diseases, their causes, effects and panacea in a cogent way. In one chapter, the book suggests measures to adopt as regards to cardiovascular diseases. It emphasises that a balanced vegetarian diet with less salt, sugar and saturated fats, relaxation, exercises/yoga and brisk walk help enormously.” Avoid smoking, tea, coffee, zarda, tobacco, and alcohol. Lose excess weight, eat natural food (low in fats, salt and sugar) such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, sprouts etc and walk briskly for 40 to 60 minutes daily. Salt is an enemy. Garlic is very good for lowering blood pressure. Also drink plenty of water/juice ( 8 to 10 glasses) daily. A minimum of 7-8 hours of good sleep and complete rest from official work for one whole day in a week, besides occasional vacations are a must. Different yogic techniques can help reduce hypertension, especially Shavasana, Chittashuddhi and Yoganidra which provide great relaxation and help reduce the high blood pressure.” In fact, the author has written this book in an easy style so that even a layman can understand and benefit. This book will be a priceless guide to all those who want to know about nature and naturopathy.

By Ashok Kumar

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