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Apt time for a pro-poor political movement —KN Govindacharya

Updated: December 25, 2010 10:34 am

“All parties including Congress and BJP are pro-capitalist and foreign country oriented. Therefore, there is a great necessity and favorable condition for emergence of a pro-poor and pro-India political movement,” said KN Govindacharya, former BJP general secretary, now a social thinker, in an exclusive interview to Uday India. Excerpts:

How do you see the present political situation of India? Do you think this is the tough time for the national forces?

It is an irony of Indian politics that all the parties whether it is in power or in opposition are totally indifferent in terms of character and thinking. All parties including Congress and BJP are pro-capitalist and foreign country oriented. Therefore, there is a great necessity and favourable condition for emergence of a pro-poor and pro-India political movement. How will it happen? It is a Yaksha Prashna (important question). At present there are too many non political, semi political and political all three types of groups are active in our country, which are pro-poor and pro-India and also attached to the ground reality of our country. Today the main priority is to initiate dialogue and cooperation between them, so that they may become able to challenge the existing political system.

What similarities you do observe in Congress and BJP?

There are many similarities. Both are pro-capitalists and foreign country oriented. If we allege that Communist parties are China centric, then you must admit that Congress and BJP are America centric. State was created to protect those who can not protect themselves. But it seems that the ruling party Congress and the opposition BJP have joined hands against the poor people. It is like a football match in whom the ruling party is making goal against people and opposition is supposed to prevent it. But, at present both are making goal against people. Then it is a general outcome that the audiences have to interfere, which creates political anarchy in country. People have to come, to road, to raise their voice and to fight for their rights.

Do you think that political anarchy can be a good situation?

Certainly not. The evil and good, both forces can take advantage of this condition. Today separatists, terrorists and Naxalites are main evil forces. Apart from this, there is a great need, possibility and space for a pro-poor and pro-nation political movement. Those will be the good forces. They have to come out.

How will it happen? Do you see any group or personality who can lead such a movement?

At present there are too many groups, which are working on the concept of localised thinking and decentralised system. They are mostly inspired from Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Lohia, Pandit Deendayal and Karl Marx. Most of them—knowingly or unknowingly—are pro-nation. However their terminology may be different.

Do you think that Marxist are also pro-nation i.e. nationalists?

Yes. They may be pro-poor but when they work local needs, it is quite natural that they will be attached to the ground reality of our nation, India. They can not overcome the geo-cultural effect of our nation. If they will try to separate them from it, they will be getting separated from the local issues too and they can not gain control by force. They can not fight with state with only guns. For example, at one side it is true that you can not destroy naxals by force because it is not a cause but it is an outcome of problem i.e. socio-economic deformities. But on the other hand, it is also true that naxals too can not create their desired society by gun. This will result only unrest in the society.

But don’t you think that Naxals are supported by foreign forces?

But if foreign forces will not get support from local issues they simply can not work. For example, kulhadi mein lakadi ka dasta na hota to jungal ke katane ka rasta na hota (an axe can not cut a tree without its wooden handle, which also comes from a tree). You can try to hide your shortcomings by blaming foreign forces but you can not prevent the society from the serious and harmful outcomes. That is why I am saying that now we have only two options. First, let the nation face the unrest situation which may later result in division of country. Second, initiate a dialogue in the pro-poor and pro-nation groups and unite them. This will be the true emergence of pro-poor and pro-nation politics.

Who will initiate that dialogue? Who will coordinate them? People are expecting from you too. Why are you not initiating it?

See, emergence of a people movement is the only way and there are three ingredients required for a mass movement. First, trustworthy leadership, second minimum organisational structure and third and last well-ripen situation.

You have at least two of them.

Wait… wait. Situation is perfect for a mass movement. We can identify more than thousand trustworthy leaders at district level in all over country, who are already working for poor people and nature-centric development. Thus two reagents are present but last one is missing. If you can remember, after Independence country has seen four mass movements, which changed the political equations and government as well. First in 1967 there was a great change in states; second in 1977 we have seen the change at center; third in 1989 on the issue of Bofors; and fourth and last in 1998 on the issue of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Temple. In all these four changes you can see that minimum organisational structure was provided by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Bhartiya Janasangha/BJP and RSS. Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly they have been dragged in the movement. But this time for a pro-poor and pro-nation mass movement BJP and its governments are on another side. You can see the different issues like issue of Ganga, issue of tribal land reforms, mall and pub culture, FDI, Retail Trade etc. Congress and BJP have similar opinions and policies. Other Sangh organisations too are not doing very well. They are limited to mere futile demonstrations. They don’t lead to any result-oriented movement. Therefore this time they can not provide the required organisational structure.

BJP may be on another side but why Sangh Parivar? Why is Sangh Parivar not coming out on these issues?

Sangh Parivar is emotionally bound with BJP. Apart from this emotional attachment, they think there is not any alternate. Therefore they feel that some people are doing good job but they are cautious about BJP. They don’t want any movement, which can cause any harm to BJP and their governments. While protecting BJP and its governments, they actually dissociate themselves from the genuine pro-poor and pro-nation issues as well as movements.

What is the solution then and what is your planning?

See, after leaving Pracharak life of RSS, I have no right to access the organisational setup of Sangh. Therefore, I am trying to build up my own. But I have limited resources and time and so it is taking time to reflect the result. On December 10, a big gathering of such groups in Gulberga, Karnataka is taking place. After that next year in April, there is a meeting for Nationalist Morcha. Thus, I am trying to build a minimum organisational setup.

By Ravi Shankar

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