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“Too- worry”

Updated: December 4, 2010 2:42 pm

Spokespersons of Congress always invite troubles for themselves. It is not too long when its most active spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi was in trouble due to his statements and then due to his advocating case. Now one more spokesperson Manish Tiwari is in the soup. He had made a statement regarding the BJP national president Nitin Gadakari’s involvement in the infamous Adarsh Housing Society scam. Last week Gadkari had announced that he would file a defamation case against him and the related documents would be given to the press too. Getting this news Manish Tiwari got panicked and he consulted one of his journalist friends, and reportedly informed him that Gadkari had made a call on his cell-phone and threatened him with filing a case. Tiwari then asked him to get the full details of the case. He also made a visit to a businessman-cum-politician, who is known to be close to Gadkari. However, Gadkari has denied on making any such call and also challenged Tiwari to release the tape of the said phone call.

Ex-CM stumped!

One ex-chief minister and present minister of Madhya Pradesh was discussing about the US President Barack Obama’s India visit with his fellows. He lamented that Obama had visited many places in India but the actual place was left out. He should have visited Bhopal. There he would have been welcomed, that too with a cause. It was quiet clear that he was indicating towards the Anderson issue. On his remark one fellow told him that Obama had not come here, but another leader, who is very desperate to come to Bhopal, is not being allowed by them. Surprised ex-CM asked who wants to come here. The fellow replied that it is Uma Bharati. Having heard the name of Uma Bharati, he pulled a long face and he literally ran away from there. It is a well-known fact that he had got CM’s post due to Uma Bharati and after becoming CM, he never supported her.

‘House’ that?

The UPA government provides benefits only to the richer section of society. This is the allegation not only levelled by the Opposition, even the employees of Parliament are feeling the heat of UPA’s anti-poor policies. One employee pointed out that when Parliament is in session, they have to work even after office time or till late night, without being provided any facilities. However, during the NDA regime, they were taken care of properly—they were provided with food and conveyance. But now no one gives a damn to the prevailing unseemly condition they work in. One staff member recalled as to how the late Pramod Mahajan used to take care of everything personally.

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