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Dental Care

Updated: October 23, 2010 3:58 pm

Good teeth are important for one’s health and appearance. A smile on the face gives a person a pleasant appearance. But that is possible only when we are free from dental problems. Today, most of the people irrespective of age—from small children to old people—everybody is suffering from some or the other kind of dental problem. Toothache is a pain in and around the tooth. Most toothaches are caused by problems of tooth or jaw, cavities, gum diseases, cracked tooth or infected dental pulp (which needs the treatment of root canal). Pain from the toothache varies from mild to severe, dull and persistent. Toothaches strike without warning and can be very excruciating. In recent years, there has been a constant rise in the children’s dental cavities. This is because of faulty food habits and junk food like pastries, chocolates, cakes etc. A toothache remedy at hand can give great relief particularly in the absence of any immediate treatment for toothaches.

Here are some most-effective home remedies: –

  1. If there is pain due to the cavity, take a pinch of hing (asafoetida) and put it into the cavity. The worm will fall off and you will get immediate relief from toothache.
  2. Take few leaves of guava plant, boil them in water, rinse your teeth when the water is lukewarm. Repeat it for two or three times. Do not throw the leaves until the water is completely used. This will definitely give you relief.
  3. Banyan or neem twigs can be used to physically clean the teeth and chewed to help keep the gum diseases at bay. As one chews the stick and brushes, the astringent secretion from the stick cleanse and strengthens the teeth and gums.
  4. Take 100g of banyan bark (washed, dried and powdered), 20g elaichi (cardamom), 10g of pepper powder, and 10g of khair (used in pan). Mix all these powders and store it. Daily apply this powder to your teeth, wait for 30 minutes and then rinse with water. This will not only whiten your teeth but also relieve you of all the dental problems.
  5. Soak a small piece of banyan bark in water overnight in a glass, boil it in the morning and rinse the mouth with the water. This will strengthen your teeth. For children you can add little honey to the solution.
  6. If children have ulcers in the mouth, make paste of the banyan tree bark, add little honey and apply to the ulcers. This will give relief.
  7. Daily use of a pinch of pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of common salt prevents dental cavities, foul breath, bleeding from gums, painful gums and toothaches. A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil can be put on the cavities to alleviate the toothache.
  8. Another remedy for toothache is the use of clove. It helps decrease the infection due to its antiseptic properties. Clove oil, applied to a cavity in a decayed tooth, relieves toothache.
  9. A clove of garlic with a little rock salt should be placed on the affected tooth. It will relieve the pain and sometimes may even cure it. A clove should also be chewed daily in the morning. It will cure the teeth making them strong and healthy.
  10. Studies have shown that onions have some bactericidal properties. Chewing raw onion for three minutes is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth. Toothache is often relieved by placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum. Onions are high in sodium, rich in vitamins E and B12 and are low in fat and calories. So, chewing onions can help prevent and control toothache.


Proper diet should be taken. The condition of the teeth depends on the food we take from day to day. Dental decay, the destruction of the bone around the teeth, and infection of the gums can be prevented with an appropriate diet. In fact, with a proper diet, the teeth and jaw bones can be made harder and healthier as the years go by.

                One should restrict sweets and should eat more of vegetables.

                Frequent small snacks are very harmful to teeth, as they produce an acid medium in which the bacteria thrive. The number of times one eats sugar is one of the most important factors in determining the rate of decay.

                Toothache remedies are meant to provide relief and are only temporary solutions and cannot substitute medical treatment.

By N Suguna

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