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Tummy Care

Updated: September 18, 2010 1:20 pm

Stomach is the repository of all the ailments and examination of a sick person’s faeces before prescribing medicine is vital according to Ayurveda. The other day, I was reading an article of Khushwant Singh in which he mentioned that during the Mughal period in 17th century, an Italian Niccolai Mannuchi a semi literate from Venice got acquainted with a Hindu vaidya practicing Ayurveda in Goa. After gaining the above knowledge from the vaid he travelled to Delhi and treated a young begum who was in coma. He made an enema apparatus out of a hookah pipe and pushed the Ayurvedic medicine into the rectum. Her bowels opened up and she came out of coma and started to talk. This shows that the root cause of all the ailments is stomach. So let us take care of our tummy.

                Stomach is an organ which digests the food we eat. It is about 12 inches long and six inches wide. It changes its size according to the shape of the body and the food inside. Now to increase the metabolism of the body:-

  • Flat stomach:- It is the stomach where the food is stored, digested and boosts our metabolism so that we get energy to perform our duties which further helps in calorie consumption. If we increase our metabolism it helps get flat stomach.
  • Regular meals:- We should never skip our meals. Instead of starving and skipping meals we must take our meals at small intervals. This continuous incoming of food increases the body metabolism.
  • Regular exercise:- Regular exercise boosts metabolism. If one is on weight training and aerobic exercises, the best time for the workouts should be in the morning.
  • Avoid junk food:- Right food at the right time. The food should contain the necessary vitamins, proteins, minerals and low in carbohydrates and fats. Protein increases the metabolism and stays longer in stomach. We should avoid junk food and drink lot of water which helps flush out toxins from our body.
  • Good bowel movement:- The most important point is to have good bowel movement. Drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with a spoon full of honey in warm water early in the morning. This also helps cut fat in the body.
  • Here is a remedy to get rid off constipation:- Take 100g of black til and roast them. Make fine powder and add 100g of jaggary. Mix well and store in a bottle. About 5g for children and 20 to 40g depending on the severity of the problem for adults can be given. This gives relief from constipation with in two to three weeks. The other benefits are this gives energy to body, helps in regular menstrual cycle, stops hair fall and graying.
  • To relieve stomach ache and improve appetite for children:- Take 100g of azwain, roasted and then powdered, 100g of saunth roasted and powdered and add saindha lawan 50g, mix well and store in a bottle. Three pinches of this powder can be given to children on complaint of stomach ache and this gives immediate relief.
  • An ointment for indigestion:- Hing (Asafoetida) 20g, saindha lavan 20g, saunth 20g, peepal 20g, black pepper 20g. Make all these into powder and make paste by adding water. By applying this around the nabhi (Naval) one can get relief from indigestion specially for small children.
  • For acidity:- Take one spoon seeds of peepal, soak them in water and grind it by adding half spoon (misri) saccrin. This becomes fine paste (leham). By taking one spoon in the morning and in the evening one can get rid of acidity.
  • To reduce fat in stomach:- Take triphala, saunth, peepal, black peppar 50g each roasted separately and powdered, add saindha lavan. Mix all the powders and store in a clean, dry bottle. Take ¼ of a spoon along with honey or water daily in the morning and gradually increase it to one spoon. This helps reduce fat and obesity.
  • Ayurvedic sambhar powder to get rid off stomach ailments:-100g dhania, 100g saunf, 50g peepal, 50g black pepper,100g azwain, 100g jeera, 100g amla roast them separately add saindha lavan and grind. Store this powder in a bottle and use it in place of sambhar powder to get rid off all kinds of stomach problems.
  • Relief from loss of appetite, acidity etc:- Add 100g of misri to 100g of jeera roasted and powdered add to 100g of ghee, mix well. Store in a bottle and take one teaspoon one hour before meals daily. This gives relief from loss of appetite and acidity and even improves memory power.
  • If stomach upset with loose motions:- Crush one onion, extract juice add kala namak with little curd and take at regular intervals. This definitely gives relief. Keep drinking ORS or lemon water or plain buttermilk without any cream, added with little salt. Do not skip food. Do eat banana, idli or curd rice. Avoid fruit juices, vegetable juices and green vegetables.
  • To get relief from decentry and cramps:- Soak one tablespoon methi dana in curd for 10-15 minutes and swallow it. This can be taken twice a day.
  • It is very common in southern parts of India to keep azwain and saunth powder added with little salt in store. Especially, those who have children below 5 years of age. It is often the first course of meals as a precautionary method to avoid stomach upsets and they are given alternately at regular intervals.

                The above are the home remedies to tackle stomach problems and can be used as precautionary measure. But if the Stomach pain is very severe or if persists for longer period, consult the doctor immediately.

By N Suguna

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