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The Lesser Known Identities

Updated: July 31, 2010 1:04 pm

I have always felt that helping is a grace; unquestionably any kind of help is blessed by the ‘Almighty’, the absolute. Term for a common man is ‘God’ or the former as mentioned, to a philosopher is, the realization, the ‘Truth or the Absolute’, whichever the case is. I believe and cherish to every thought of philosophy, in Hinduism. Not only in reading but strongly believes that it can change one’s thought, completely three hundred and sixty degree’s.

            Ancient India was the hub for wisdom before it was lent out to other nations, at least history says so. One line states ‘where you originate from, have to go back’. This single line theory has such immense dept, that a niche thought begins to grow within. Unseeingly fathom less. Substantially in an adequate manner, Hinduism has a great contribution in the field of spiritualism. The unfortunate part is the meager participation, thus giving an unimpressive impact. Not blaming the computer age, everybody wants to get things done in the fastest possible way.

            The great Indian monk, Swami Vivekanand, said the same in Chicago as an invitee, explaining the value of ‘zero’. Where life begins it ends. The entire crowed was spellbound, such was his wisdom and the strength in the philosophy of Hinduism.

            I am belittle, when I see someone, tying a thread around a tree trunk and praying with a melancholy expression, folded hands, or feeding the ants and birds. Observing such, my spirit died down, this is barely an example, I am sure there are numerous. I am naturally instigated to analyze where the folly lies, is it in the scripts, attitude or perhaps change in values. We all know that majority of the religion practices have a common thinking, the bottom line is do’s and don’ts, which inwardly projects that they follow the right faith and it is the best, rest other practices are goolash; a pseudo superiority complex. Rather it makes a man generate inferior thoughts. I am very certain if Christ, Mohammed or Buddha, Guru Nanak, would have existed, seeing whatever is happening around us, they would have had a change of thought. Perhaps that is the reason, they were born then.

            These great realised souls philosophy none could truely understand, the mass have just blindly followed them, what ever they did. But the essence in it went undithered. Strange but true that the present day situation has brought frustration and uncertainty among us, love ceases to exist any more.

            The great sages of ancient India had warned us of the outcome, if we would not behave in the manner, the way we ought to have, like the normal respectful human being, then unhappiness is certain. So therefore, we are facing the concluding part of Mahabharata.

            The whole of the globe has become Kurukshetra (battle field) now.

            To begin with going through our schools formal education, subsequently moral teachings were taught in a subtle way, like we all know—stealing or cheating, to lie, hurting someone, to greed etc, are bad. The teacher’s constructive example showed the difference of being the right and the wrong and any child overlooking it intentionally, is punished. At home, the elders are always watched. Many families are too cautious about their behavior, especially when children are around. To sum it up, the sense for doing right and wrong begins at an early age. These are very natural way of bringing up a family.

            It may surprise you that almost all over the world, about 40 different types of religion exist, approximately. Even after having such support, tension hovers on us and we are looking for little peace and harmony. So to speak, the gods of varied religion is of no help. Unseemingly precarious situation we are facing today, why?

            We have kept aside humanity and trying to serve religion. This can never bring happiness. Whence one needs to be a spiritual minded not religious.

            Religion comprises of human being. It has a definite role to play in a society for certain, but humanity is a religion by itself. Where that Hinduism is, where man is known as “Narayanan” or Narayan, the highest values in the code of respect has been offered. Thousands of years ago, during the time of the sages, (rishi’s and munis) man and woman were considered one, given equal status as per Veda shastra (sacred text). Today in our Parliament women are fighting for equality, it amazed and shocked me few years back, when one of our, lady minister demanded and argued, ‘when men can do—then why cant women’. A lady demanding equality of status, it reflects, the present scenario of our society. Ancient India the Hindu’s practiced yajna, idol worship, the concept of temple, any kind of symbol, signs or prophets and apostle was not considered to be a participation of Hindu thought, for one simple reason, firstly Hinduism is directly connected to nature, secondly as a Man is the manifestation of nature itself, and is a much superior being, thus making him God like or the GOD himself. Man stands second to none.

            Such great thought people had then. When the rest of the world awakened, realising that humans are special on this planet and thus came the concept of God and the devil. If you do well, you will be rewarded by God or vice versa, as the case maybe, this is as per the philosophy of other religion. But in Hinduism it is said everything is with in you. one needs to realise.

            How do we come close to this philosophy? By having a Guru (teacher). A spiritual teacher can show you the way. To remove ignorance, search for a Mahatma. Spiritual teacher can be anyone, a knowledgeable, educated wise person. But Mahatmas are different and they are few. They lead their life on the principal of renunciation (tyaga) their thoughts are connected to the, Mahat (vastness of the universe) therefore they are Mahatma.

            Our background been so rich, yet we are behind, rather occupying the front seat in the apex. This land of beliefs contributes the second largest forces in the world, that too voluntary, we have some spirit hidden, perhaps not so easy to comprehend. We can make the difference there by, creating a new world.

By Siddhartha Bose

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