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Azwain is a herb. A familiar name and found in every kitchen in all over India. It is not only used as a spice to add taste to the culinary but also acts as a major ingredient for different kinds of medicines. The seeds are small in size but tastes hot, penchant and bitter. Our Grand Ma’s have used it effectively in managing problems like vomiting, stomach ailments etc. The following are the health benefits-

Relief from Indigestion

Roast 100 gms azwain make fine powder and store in a bottle. When it is required take one table spoon of this powder along with 2 pinches of salt in half cup of warm water. You will get immediate relief from indigestion, pain due to gas and infection in the intestines.

Relief from Bronchitis and Asthma

Roast 100 gms of azwain make fine powder and add 100 gms of jaggery and heat to make a fine paste and store after cooling. If taken one teaspoon twice daily will help to bring out the mucus and relieves from chronic bronchitis and Asthma. Not for Diabetics.

Relief for Heartache

One tea spoon of azwain with warm water stimulates the heart and relieves from heartache.

Relief from Toothache

Boil 100 gms of azwain in Half liter water. Gargle with warm azwain water 2 or 3 times a day relieves toothache.

Relief from Acidity

Take 100 gms azwain fry in a low flame, make fine powder and add 100 gms old gur (jaggery) to it and if taken after meals twice daily will get rid of acidity, help in digestion as well.

Relief from Backache

250 gms azwain, 250 gms misry and 250 gms pure cow ghee. Roast azwain on a low flame, make powder and add misry powder and cow ghee to make a fine paste. After cooling store it in a bottle. One spoon if taken after meals, one get relief from backache, feeling of numbness and can even reduces excess fat in body.

Relief from Joint pains

Soak 1kg azwain in 4kgs of water for 24 hrs. Decant the juice of azwain, add 1kg of til oil and bring it to boil till all the water evaporates and only oil is left. Now add 25 gms of black pepper powder, 25 gms of pippal powder and 25 gms of kapur to the oil and cover with the lid. On cooling store it in a bottle. When required warm little oil and apply on affected part for quick relief from vericos veins, pain in legs, knee joints and pain in thigh etc.

Burning sensation in the feet

100 gms azwain coarsely powdered cook with little water, add 50 gms ghee and cook till all the water is evaporated. One tea-spoon is to be taken at bedtime and also to be applied to feet before going to bed. This will give relief to burning sensation and numbness in the feet.

Cure for Stomach Ailments

100 gms of azwain to be soaked in Aloe Vera juice in earthenware overnight and dry in the sun the next day and at night again put it in the earthenware with what ever water is left for overnight repeat the same procedure for three nights. Then dry the contents in the sun make fine powder and store in a dry bottle. One-fourth tea spoon to be taken before meals. If taken regularly for 40 days enlargement of spleen can be treated. Those who are suffering from the enlargement of spleen should strictly follow certain diet restrictions wheat cleaned, washed, dried and roasted and then made powder. This roti should be taken with pudina chutney or muly (Radish) sabzi. No other food. If this is followed for 40 days one can be completely cured of stomach ailments.

Relief from Soar Throat

Boil one cup of water with one spoon of azwain, 10 tulsi leaves and two clove buds (powder) and reduce it to 3/4th cup. Sip warm at bedtime. If you have a nose block (stuffy nose) roast one table spoon of azwain and tie it in a clean cloth and smell it. This will not only clear the nose but also gives you good sleep.

So there is a remedy for all ailments in our kitchen.

By N Suguna

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