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Updated: January 16, 2010 12:36 pm

Despite the protest from ex-Speaker Somnath Chatterjee the government allowed the foreign dignitaries to enter India without their frisking at the airports! The foreign dignitaries are reaching New Delhi to attend the Commonwealth Speakers’ conference in the first week of January. When Comrade Somnath Chatterjee was the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, he had cancelled his visit to the UK as he was informed that due to security reasons he would be subject to frisking at the UK airport. He protested through Ministry of External Affairs. But when UK authorities refused to budge, he cancelled his visit. Now when he came to know that the Indian government is allowing the delegates of those countries, which were particularly in favour of frisking of Indians, he immediately dashed a letter to the Speaker and Indian authorities concerned to follow the reciprocity in security checks. But it seems that Indian authorities too have refused his plea or you can say they did not pay any heed to his advice. This left the old comrade down in mouth.


The former Governor of Andhra Pradesh, ND Tiwari returned to his native State Uttarakhand in view of ‘sex’ scandal in which he is allegedly involved, and vows to fight politically with his detractors! But no one is sure as to how Tiwari will fight and for what? But one thing is very clear that the Congress party is in a dilemma on his announcement. Even though initially he was not ready to resign but when pressure became ‘unavoidable’, he had to resign. In Dehradun, many Congress leaders met him. But on one point all the Congress leaders are united that they cannot defend Tiwari on ‘sexual’ charges. They have not forgotten the case filed by a son of an old Youth Congress leader, Ujjala Sharma, daughter of the ex-Congress minister the late Sher Singh, against Tiwari that he is his ‘biological father’. So he should be given the right to use his name as his father. But Tiwari refused. Political circles are abuzz with whispers that this may not be the only case and there will be no surprise if many similar cases are filed against this old Congress leader. Even though the court has imposed a ban on the telecast of the video recording of Tiwari’s ‘sexcellency’ scandal, still the photographs of this video are made available to media through their e-mail IDs. In this background, some of his cohorts have spelt out his name ND Tiwari thus–Nothing Doing Tiwari!


In the recently concluded winter session of Parliament, an interesting incident came to light. There were some media reports that a tiger was found dead at a tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. Incidentally, the state government was supposed to reorganise the board, which deals with tiger reserves. An ex-BJP member from Rajasthan who is an active supporter of project ‘Save Tiger’ was very keen to become the member of this proposed board. He was, therefore, lobbying with all prominent leaders. Coincidently, the scandalous disclosure of Tiger Wood appeared at the same time in the media. When this ex-MP approached one of the top leaders of the party, the leader asked in a light vain: ‘Do you want to save Tigers, but which Tiger…? The ex-MP had no answer except saying, ‘Please consider my name for the proposed board.’

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