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Kerala on a new resurgence

Updated: December 11, 2015 5:23 pm

The Shree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam or SNDP which represents the powerful backward class Ezhava community of Kerala has now taken the lead in conducting a march from Kasargod in the Northern most part of Kerala to Thiruvananthapuram in the Southern most part from November 23rd till December 12th. This movement led by the maverick general secretary of the SNDP ,Velapally Natesan has representations from the leaders and cadres of almost all the main Hindu social organisations of the state from Scheduled Caste representatives to the Brahmans in which the former Chairman of the ISRO, G. Madhavan Nair’s photo is prominently displayed in all the posters of the yatra across the state. Madhavan Nair is from the forward caste, Nair community whose prominent organisation Nair Service Society has ironically kept off from the yatra for some reasons, which Velapally has publicly said that he will take the initiative to resolve. NSS has been a supporter of the Congress party for ages but it has been taking an equidistant from the two major fronts, the LDF and the UDF in public. However, it is to be noted that the BJP had won in the panchayat ward in the constituency which houses the NSS headquarters in the state. It is so clear that where to the wind is blowing and unless the NSS leadership sees it, the cadres will go their way.

The yatra which is unique in several terms has the blessings of several leading saints with the Udupi Pejeswar Math Swami Viswesha Theertha doing the inauguration at Madhur temple in Kasargod. The CPI-M and the Congress has not taken lightly of the yatra as both the organisations fear that this yatra would create panic among their own supporters and this erosion of support base would give a direct edge to the BJP which indeed is a fear which both the mainstream political parties are sharing these days .


The leader of the opposition in the state assembly and former Chief Minister of the state V.S. Achuthanandan has already mocked at the yatra and has called upon the members of the Ezhava community, herein a major support base of the CPI-M, to not to fall in the “trap” of the BJP and the RSS. He has even said in public that when the yatra or rather march reaches Thiruvananthapuram district, Velapally Natesan will be adorning the Khaki half trousers and white shirt and a cap identifying himself totally with the RSS or rather submerged in the RSS ideology. The state president of the Congress party, V.M. Sudheeran also lashed out at Velapally Natesan and the Yatra and said that the Yatra is in fact a ploy of the RSS to piggy ride on Velapally and to create communal imbalance in the state.

However, the Jatha leader Velapally Natesan scoffed at these criticisms and said that the objective of the yatra is only for the betterment of the Hindu community and that there is no reason for the political leadership of the state who had been ruling it in regular intervals to shed crocodile tears and to mock at such an initiative.

It may be recalled in this context that Velapally Natesan had met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah in Delhi some time back which had come out as a major news in almost all the vernacular dailies in the state for an ensuing political understanding between the BJP and the SNDP which is about to float a political outfit in the state. The recent results to the local body polls in which BJP has surprisingly gained in several municipalities and corporations in elections to the local bodies and is ruling the Palakkad Municipality and has thirty five councillors in a house of hundred in Thiruvananthapuram corporation. Congress is relegated to the third position in these places which is not a mean achievement . This has proved that the grass root understanding with SNDP has indeed worked in favour of the alliance. The state unit of the BJP led by V.Muraleedharan who was a former pracharak of the RSS for several years and who was the national general secretary of the ABVP, has done wonders in knitting into a monolithic one which was earlier plagued by dissidence. The long experience in national politics that he has and his bonhomie with the national leaders of the BJP, has led him into entering into grand socio political alliance with the SNDP yogam represented by the biggest congregation of the Hindu community, the Ezhavas.


With the SNDP yoga and BJP entering into a tacit understanding at the state level and if the NSS also follows suits, then the political scene of the state is wide open with the BJP even having opportunity to enter into the state assembly with a bang. The BJP leadership at the national level is learnt to have formulated a political strategy which is a win win situation for all the social groups who are aligning with the BJP in the state.

With the RSS also showing interest to the yatra and with several of its senior leaders in the state like Kummanam Rajashekharan and K.P.Sasikala teacher scheduled to address several public functions in various parts of the state, this is a golden opportunity for the sangh parivar leadership to work its way into the cadres of the SNDP who were entrenched in the CPI-M ideology. This is the one reason that the CPI-M leadership fears as its finds itself in a total loss if a full fledged political understanding or an alliance happens between the BJP and the new political party which will be floated by SNDP once the yatra reaches the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram.

The banners and posters of the yatra which was pasted across Kannur district where the Yatra reached the second day was totally destroyed with the Jatha leader Velapally Natesan’s photo being cut off from almost all the posters. SNDP leaders attribute act of mischief to the CPM as of the three Politburo members of the CPI-M from Kerala ,two are from this district from which CPI-M wins with heavy margins. The CPI-M considers this district as its red fort where more than hundred RSS swayamsevaks were killed .

By Arun Lakshman from Thiruananthapuram

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