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Reaching Sky In Drone-Style

Updated: April 19, 2014 5:52 pm

Facebook’s announcement of creating a drone, which can deliver free internet or low-cost internet for all, can be a real game-changer in the world of internet usage. An idea that can provide internet access to the remote regions is something out-of-the-box

The social networking giant, Facebook has astonished the world with its new concept of delivering internet through heavens. Interestingly, the company is planning to introduce a drone through which it can provide internet access around the globe. The social media company announced a new step in its ambitious plan to bring affordable, basic Internet access to ‘every person in the world’.

In this process, Facebook has acquired a British firm who built the Zephyr solar-powered drone, which also has a world record of flying for two weeks. The company has set up a connectivity lab, which will build drones, satellites and lasers to deliver internet for everyone. Mark Zuckerberg is heading a step closer to its dream project—internet.org—through which two-third of the world can have access to internet.

This new initiative focuses on experimenting with new technology. The group is working with drones that can stay in the air for months at a time, bringing Internet connections to suburban areas. In more rural spots, satellites will be tested as a way to beam connections to the people on the ground. The group will attempt to make speedier long distance connections using invisible infrared laser beams.

On the other hand, Google also has a similar project Loon, which includes big air-balloons that can provide internet through antennas. Both of the projects are same as they try to solve the same problem— tossing cheap, regional slices of internet access down from the heavens rather than relying on vastly more expensive satellites to do the trick.

It would be interesting to see who would be successful in reaching the sky and delivering internet access to the world through heaven.

By Rohan Pal

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