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Dear Friends Pranam.
It was destiny and love of all of you that Uday India was published from Delhi as a national Weekly both in English and Hindi language. Hailing from a very remote village in Odisha I had never thought that Uday india would carry this image and respect. But still I believe that it was all your blessings. you liked it, many people read it, many libraries subscribed it, many national and regional institutions supported us , so somehow we could stand. But I should confess here that with utmost financial constraints and with a very small team, we could do it, without spending anything for the branding and marketing of Uday India. I am really thankful to Uday india team for their dedication towards building Uday india brick by brick. But still we are struggling to survive and establish ourselves. Today due to advent of electronic media , print media, specially like a small publication like us is really facing a tough phase. Still we have firm faith on God and strong belief on our work capacity.
Today reading is no more a fascination for the youngsters or in that matter to any age group. But strongly, I believe that reading habit is the best habit to grow in life. If we can not read, our thought process would not develop. In Uday India we try to publish interesting issues, for different class of people. And believe me, we do publish such things that is rarely published anywhere. Ofcouse there are enough space to improve ourself. But always finance becomes a bottleneck, and it happens to all publication houses. Many publication house has a back ground support of big industries, which we don’t have. We have only quality contents to sell our USP. Still I thought I should share the concerns of our team. Now our Marketing team has brought some unique discount offer, that may be beneficial for you, if you really Enjoy Reading. Lets share it, support a voice of Nationalism, and lets build India through Uday India.