0 August 10, 2017

Punarnava is the Sanskrit name of Boerhavia diffusa.  In English it is called Spreading Hogweed. Punarnava means to renew or to rejuvenate. Punarnava ...


Cassava Root

0 July 28, 2017

Cassava is a vegetable root which contains starch. The same starch is extracted in the form of liquid to make tapioca.  Cassava is one of the largest ...



0 July 13, 2017

Carissa Carandas is a small berry with white and pink colour known as Karonda in Hindi. The fruit becomes red when fully ripe. We usually find these b...


Herb Yarrow

0 June 29, 2017

Yarrow, Achilea Millefolium, is a plant with rich background. It is an ancient herb of healing. Greek mythical character and the hero of Trojan War Ac...



0 June 15, 2017

Vanilla! We all are aware of this flavour.  Be it cake, pastry or ice cream, it gives us a refreshing, soothing and very appetising feeling. The flavo...



0 June 1, 2017

Zucchini is a popular summer vegetable. It looks very humble and small with smooth, green colour skin.  Zucchini has mild flavour and is best eaten co...


Lotus Root

0 May 18, 2017

Lotus is a beautiful flower and has spiritual significance in Indian culture. Hindus revere it with gods like Vishnu and Lakshmi.  It is also the Nati...



0 April 5, 2017

Semolina, suji or rava is a well-known household ingredient across India and a variety of dishes are cooked with much enthusiasm. Semolina is a coarse...

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