Brand Yogi: Make in Uttar Pradesh

Brand Yogi: Make in Uttar Pradesh

After Narendra Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat, it’s now turn for a yogi and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to make Lucknow “A Dalal Street”, which is widely known for business and industry. In India, a yogi or a saint is the real innovator, administrator and visionary for making a nation or state a Vishwa Guru. Here, the Yogi is the chief administrator in the state aiming to establish the real Ram Rajya in Uttar Pradesh, which really underwent the phase of Ravana Rajya earlier. It is said that when a King sits on the throne of Vikramaditya, he certainly does justice, brings prosperity and eliminates evil forces. Now CM Yogi Adityanath is going to complete one year in office in the month of March 2018. And in next Lok Sabha polls, his government’s performance is going to play a major role in 2019.   Popularly known as a Hindu mascot of BJP in Uttar Pradesh, the saffron-clad CM has really created an atmosphere of confidence among the people, as there is now remarkable situation of law and order in the largest populated state and the fourth largest populated density state having 22 crore population. Before BJP come to power in UP, the state’s administrative structure was really in disaster, thanks to renowned Dalit CM Mayawati, and thereafter Akhilesh Yadav.

The most gigantic task before Yogi Adityanath was to give a stern message to the mafias, who had terrified the common man, tourists and hapless investors. The state is, as such, very much politically volatile and has witnessed many agitations based on caste, community clashes and sponsored political violence. In fact, all the political parties have exploited and experimented with the political chord of Uttar Pradesh, be it Ram Temple movement, Mandal agitation, Dalit politics, minority politics or politics of favouritism. But beware now, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath says: “UP is the growth engine of India, and country’s third largest economy growing at a faster rate. Lying along the fertile plains of the Ganges, the state is blessed with unlimited opportunities. The investor-friendly policy direction of my government and good governance initiatives, complementing the inherent strengths of the state, will definitely go a long way in transforming the state into a preferred investment destination.” Of course, a good message, which will translate the Chief Minister’s dream of garnering investment worth five lakh crore in the state into a reality ! One should remember that the last Investors Summit, which was organised by Akhilesh Yadav government at Agra, was a big blow to the state as no worthy investor turned up to invest due to adverse industrial policy of the then government and massive failure of law and order in the state. Now Yogi claims that his government has identified 13 policies with single-window clearance for industries. This time the state government has formed a core committee of experts from the industry, Bollywood and other sectors to avoid any bottlenecks. The state has immense potential with more than 60 per cent youth population and most importantly Uttar Pradesh has the largest untapped consumer market for investors. Besides forming anti-terrorist squads, the state has opened up a red-carpet welcome for the investors for more than one dozen countries, and also the state has invited more than five thousand delegates to make it a “Brand Uttar Pradesh”. Yogi’s team is well oiled with simplification of labour laws, new aviation policies for aero space market, dedicated freight corridors, multi-modal transport hubs with 24-hour vigilant groups of police and fire tenders. The Yogi government has a target of creating 20 lakh jobs by 2022. It seems the Yogi government is more inclined on increasing the ease of doing business and wants to showcase a business summit parallel to Vibrant Gujarat Summit. To carry forward the policies of Modi’s Make In India campaign,  Yogi now appears serious about “Make in UP”, as the state has huge potential for nurturing heavy and small-scale industries with an attractive consumer market of Asia. In fact, besides accumulating huge investment, it would go to the credential of Yogi in bringing about prosperity to the state, in addition to earning brownie political points inside and outside the state. Yogi like Modi is very much active on social media.  He is also now a crowd-puller leader, next only to Modi in the BJP. Last but not least, Yogi says: “Through this Investors Summit, we intend to provide a platform for the best minds and expertise round the world to collaborate with us in this endeavour. I assure all stakeholders complete support in facilitating investment in Uttar Pradesh.” Best of luck Yogi! One expects the young CM will wheather  another feather to our great nation. Only time will tell between Modinomics or Yoginomics, which one succeeds more.

By Deepak Kumar Rath


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