Once again PM Modi raised simultaneous polls issue to save resources

Once again PM Modi raised simultaneous polls issue  to save resources

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought the opposition’s cooperation for a constructive discussion and working out a solution on the issue of simultaneous polls. Mr Modi said, thousands of crore rupees are spent in conducting elections and so much time is wasted in holding them.

The Prime Minister was replying to a debate in the Rajya Sabha on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address to the joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament yesterday. Mr Modi asked all parties to rise above politics on this issue, arguing that it will cut down the cost of elections in terms of time, money and manpower.
The Prime Minister also sought constructive suggestions from all parties for government’s healthcare programme Ayushman Bharat which was announced in the recently presented budget. He said, the Centre is always looking for suggestions, feedback and input on it’s schemes. He said that Ayushman Bharat scheme should not be compared with such similar schemes in Britain and America as every nation has its own context, challenges and nature of working. He also requests the opposition parties to form a task force within their parties to give suggestions on the health scheme.

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