Will not resume dialogue with Pakistan unless it stops infiltration activity: Rajnath

Will not resume dialogue with Pakistan unless it stops infiltration activity: Rajnath

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has asserted that the centre will not resume dialogue with Pakistan unless it takes steps to stop infiltration activity along the borders. He said the first bullet will not come from the Indian side, but it will give a fitting reply if the neighboring country uses the bullet first.

The Home Minister said the fact that India is a peace- loving country does not mean that it would keep quiet if peace is disturbed along the borders. The Home Minister was addressing a massive public meeting in Nizambad town of Telangana this evening. The meeting, was organised by Bharatiya Janatha Pary to mark Telangana Liberation Day today.

The Home Minister said the centre is resolved to build a new India by 2022 and called upon people to supplement the government’s efforts in this regard. He said India has emerged as a powerful country in the world and no force can weaken it at any cost. The Home minister said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi desires to get rid of poverty, unemployment, terrorism, illiteracy and naxalism from the country by 2022.

He said the government has been fighting tooth and nail against black money and its aim is to make the country corruption-free. On the occasion, the Home minister outlined the measures taken by the centre to provde housing, employment, shelter, cost effective medical treatment to common public.

Referring to Liberation day, the Home Minister described September 17 as an historic day as it was on this day in 1948 that the erstwhile Hyderabad Princely state was liberated from Nizam’s rule and merged with the Indian Union. He paid homage to the Telangana martyrs who sacrificed their lives to put an end to the Nizam’s autocratic rule.

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