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    The Dancing Diva

    The sound of payal is silenced. The woman who was emotionally involved with her make-up is silent. The entire country is shocked that the dancing quee...

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    Rahul Scoring Over Modi

    Perceptions are not necessarily realities. In fact, in many a case they are far from realities. But it so happens that in politics, more than in any o...

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    Who will win in 2019?

    Never before, in the contemporary political history, an election has hinged on whether an individual will win or lose. But now the question, although,...

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    Adieu Sridevi

    On the morning of 25th February, not only the film industry of the country but also the movie lovers, fans and filmmakers the world over, got the shoc...


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    Camphor is obtained from the wood of the camphor Laurel (CinnamomumCamphora) tree.It has very strong fragrance and it is one of the main ingredient us...